Is it Possible to Snowboard without Snow? How do you do it?

Are you wondering if it’s possible to snowboard without snow?  Or are you thinking: it has never been done. Well, snowboarding without snow is possible and real. It has been done and will continue to be, as long as winter will be succeeded by summer.

Unless you are planning to go live in the attics, or you have access to those artificial snowfields in commercial resorts, then chances are you would want to try what other snowboarding fanatics have been attempting and conquered.

Why do we go snowboarding without snow?

When summer comes around, many believe it is the end of snowboarding, at least until it starts snowing again. This can’t be any further from the truth. But do we have to while away time idly just because our favorite snow mountain is devoid of snow and, therefore, not ideal for snowboarding?

No, that’s not what should be happening. In fact, there’s a bunch of us out there who love winter because of the snow that makes snowboarding so much fun. But it doesn’t mean we enjoy the cold days and chilly nights. That’s why when summer comes around; we rejoice but struggle to accept that we can’t go out on the snow anymore.

As a result, we find ways to continue enjoying our exhilarating sport. Out of this need to make snowboarding a year-round thing, guys all over have come up with ingenious forms of snow-less snowboarding.

What are the top 5 everyday places to go snowboarding without snow?

Before we focus on how it’s possible to go out and get fun, note that these creative ideas won’t work for everyone or in all places.

Grassy plains

It is one of the best if you find one that has long grass. Get a gentle slope and make a trail by making the grass lie flat. Slide and jump as you navigate the slope.

Sand dunes

It is possible to snowboard on those huge dunes that rise like mountains. If you ever get there, make sure you have the right gear. It can be hot and tricky at times.

Artificial snowfields

They are cropping up now. It is not snow, but it sure feels like it. So you may not note a big difference, unlike the two above.

Backyard hills and mountains

Now, this is one where you can get thrilled. If you manage to find a great track downhill, then you are good to go.


Can you? Yes of course. Try it out right away, but be sure to avoid trouble with the public.

How to snowboard without snow

It is worth noting that snow is still the most suited surface for snowboarding. However, you can wait for it by having fun in the above-mentioned ways. Just take the following steps when going out to enjoy summer snowboarding.

Find the trail

Now, this is the first thing you must do. Is it grass, leaves, a bridge, or a dune? Why is this important? Good question.  Having prior knowledge psychologically prepares you. You’ll know the slopes, bends, and obstructions in advance.

The ideal place should be a gentle slope, not too steep as to make snowboarding more of a fall than actually easing downhill.

If you choose bridge railing, ensure it’s not a busy highway and that you don’t hamper others in the process.It pays to watch a few YouTube videos to see what others do on similar surfaces too.

Get the best board

There are several types of snowboards you can choose from, but the best is the freestyle board. I recommend this because it’s designed to give you the most on any terrain on the piste. So it will be your best shot at your attempt to snowboard without snow.

The freestyle boards are made of jumps, and without a snowy surface, you’ll be doing lots of jumping over objects like stones, logs, and benches if you choose a public park.

Readjust your board

The board you have is a snowboarding board. Its surface was crafted with snow surfaces in mind. But to have it work on the new surface, you need to readjust it so that friction is reduced to a level that will allow you to slide.

How do you do that?

Take surfboard wax and apply it evenly on the base of your board. Be careful not to damage it because snowfall is just around the corner. The board should have a smooth feel that will reduce friction without being be too slippery.

Suit up

Just because this isn’t snow doesn’t mean you can get going with your summer t-shirts and shorts. Protect your head, eyes, and knees. These are at risk of injury in case of a trip or fall.

Test run

You haven’t done this before, so chances are you will have a hard time getting a balance on your board. Your binders should be in place. Find balance by arching your torso slightly forward. This is to aid in propelling you forth.

Lean in, knees bending in but not crouching. When you find your balance, you’ll be able to stand straight or do some of the tricks you know. Have a friend watch and ask them to offer advice if they can. But, they are there just in case something goes wrong.

Get going

You should be able to slide downhill without much trouble. Stay on clear paths when you begin. Remember, your eyes should stay focused on the path ahead and jump over anything that comes your way; grass, twigs, and stones. This is important in two ways. First, you want to ensure you don’t trip and fall. Secondly, your board needs protection.

Visualize the snowfields

Keep your eyes on the ground but take your mind to the snow mountains. Think of your trail and make this rocky, Sandy or leafy terrain your favorite snowboarding ground. Soon you will start enjoying and be free of winter blues.

Worth remembering is that these ways of snowboarding without actually having snow are just a stop gap activity. As a snowboarder, the best place to get real excitement is up in the Snow Mountains. So don’t injure yourself and miss out the real deal.

Till it falls again, enjoy snow-less snowboarding!

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