Best Women’s Snowboard Bindings for 2016-2017 (Buyer’s Guide)

Snowboard bindings are one of the most important part of snowboarding gear. And investing in a good pair of bindings is important because you can’t go on with your board without the right bindings. A wide range of snowboard bindings are available in the market but it can be a tough job finding the right ones for you. We make this easier by offering quick reviews of the best womens snowboard bindings for 2016-2017. Read through our reviews, weigh the pros and cons, and you will certainly shortlist one that precisely fits your needs.

Reviews of top 5 Best Womens Snowboard Bindings for 2016-2017

1. Ride Women’s DVA Snowboard Bindings 2016

The Ride Womens DVA Snowboard Bindings is one of the best bindings that have come out this year. These bindings feature an Aluminum Edge Chassis System which packs an adjustable heelcup.

Thanks to this feature, anyone wearing these bindings can scale the mountains through most of the terrain options with a wide degree of flex being offered by these bindings.

These bindings also pack Slimeback SB Highback which ensures that you are able to ride the snow with perfect fluidity and a solid support on your feet.

Ride has also included a Wedgie Footbed on the heels of these bindings which gives your feet just the right angle for stable snowboarding.

They also pack EVA Basepad and a freestyle ankle strap as well as toestrap, firmly engaging these bindings to your feet as you roll out to scale the snowy mountains.

Being weighed at 5.34 pounds, these bindings are one of the lighter models and yet it performs exceptionally well. If anything, the light-weight will only help you use these bindings with greater ease.

2. Burton Citizen Snowboard Binding – Women’s

The Bourtin Citizen Womens Snowboard Bindings are one of the most durable set of bindings available in the market this year.

These bindings come constructed with high-quality polycarbonate. As a result, they are incredibly strong without being heavy at all and at the same time, are very comfortable to use.

These Citizen bindings are compatible with all major mounting system, so no matter what mounting system you use, you can be sure that these bindings will work perfectly with it.

Citizen has included FullBED cushioning on the interior of these bindings which makes them so comfortable to use that you can snowboard in them all day without feeling any itches or other problems.

The bindings also feature an ultra-lightweight Hi-Back which secures your feet and also brings an additional layer of comfort. Citizen has also included a Lushstrap on these bindings which not only makes it incredibly easy to put on and take off these bindings but also makes the bindings look great, adding to your style.

In all, these Citizen bindings bring together a sporty style, comfort, durability and performance in these bindings. And with a price tag that isn’t too sweep, these bindings are an excellent choice for this year.

3. Flow Minx Hybrid Snowboard Binding Womens

The Flow Minx Hybrid snowboard bindings come with an incredibly solid baseplate which is made from molded composite material.

The same material is used in the well-design Hi-Back of these bindings without taking away the comfortable feel. Flow has taken great care to keep the interior of these bindings soft and comfortable without sacrificing the durability of strength.

A useful feature of these bindings are the Locking Slap Ratchets which let you easily attach or detach these bindings and also lets you enjoy greater flex while snowboarding.

A Hybrid PowerStrap on these bindings ensure that you are firmly engaged to the bindings while on the go. These bindings are a great combination of control, comfort and flexibility.

The composite baseplate ensures that you are able to exert sufficient control on the snowboard to maneuver howsoever you like. At the same time, the carefully designed interior ensures that you enjoy comfort as well as flexibility when wielding these bindings.

Weighing at a mere 4.6 pounds, these bindings are lighter than most of the women’s bindings available for the current year. And with a very affordable price tag, they are one of the best picks for the current year.

4. GNU B-Free Snowboard Bindings Women

GNU B-Free snowboard bindings have been famously used by some of the most notable athletes in the sport.

These bindings are incredibly light-weight and come with a number of features which makes them ideal for greater speed, stability and comfort while on the snowboard.

GNU has used its special FT-2 material in the construction of the baseplate of these bindings, making the overall structure very durable without being heavy.

The Hi-Back is constructed using the company’s FT-5 material which is also very durable but equally comfortable to use.

The Comprex ankle strap on these bindings ensures that your feet remain steady and stable while at the same time enjoying the requisite flexibility for expert snowboarding.

A pressure relief button on these bindings ensures that you are able to directly control their fitting. And a thin fit toe strap enables you to buckle on these bindings very securely.

Weighing at 7 pounds, these bindings are a tad bit heavier than other bindings we have shortlisted. But with a stellar repute in the snowboarding sport, these bindings have a solid reputation at their back.

5. Union Juliet Snowboard Bindings Womens

The Union Juliet snowboard bindings are constructed by using Duraflex in the baseplate. The use of this material ensures that the baseplate is incredibly durable while at the same time being sufficiently flexible.

The heelcup of these bindings is made using aluminum which adds to the solidity of the overall structure of these bindings.

Union has used its special three-dimensional Multi-Layer Strap Core which allows you to wear these bindings while spreading your foot pressure evenly across the structure.

In all, these bindings are a great choice if you are looking for a good balance between flexibility, stability and durability.

Weighing at 4.7 pounds, they are one of the most light-weight models among our shortlisted bindings. So if you are looking for light-weight bindings which perform great, the Union Juliet bindings are a good choice.

What is the best women’s snowboard bindings and boots package?

1. System 2016 Flite Snowboard w/Mystic Bindings and Lux Boots Women’s Complete Snowboard Package

This snowboarding system includes all the essential requisites of the sport. The 2016 Flite Snowboard is an excellent piece for riding on the snow, especially designed with the weight and flex of the female body form.

Flite has used a base which is flat for perfectly stable rides and rounded off edges which eliminates the risk of catching anything on the go. Together with this board, this system offers the Siren Lux snowboard board which are specifically designed for women snowboarders.

These boots are meant to allow the rider to enjoy great speeds and flexibility which at the same time being very comfortable. Finally, the Siren Mystic 2017 Snowboard bindings ship with this system and are perfectly compatible with the Lux boots and the Flite snowboard.

These bindings combine comfort, flexibility, stability and performance, so when using them, you can be sure that you will be having awesome snow rides. This is an excellent starter system for any women beginning with the snowboarding sport and with a fairly affordable price tag, it is a sound investment in your sporting passion.

2. K2 Lunatique 151 Womens Snowboard + Sapient Zeta Bindings Fits US Wms Boots Sized: 6,7,8,9

The K2 Lunatique 151 combo of women’s snowboard and bindings is meant for a more advanced snowboard rider. The baseline of the K2 Lunatique snowboard comes with an All-Terrain rocker which is meant for use at all sorts of mountain terrain.

The edges of the snowboard are designed to ensure maximum control while the overall shape of the snowboard ensures that you glide smooth across the snow. The Sapient Zeta Bindings that ship with this snowboard comes mostly constructed from Nylon with 10% fiberglass.

This makes the bindings very flexible, comfortable and at the same time, incredibly strong. With special pads cushioned the baseplate as well as the Hi-Back, these bindings are very comfortable.

To top it, the adjustable to strap allows you to easily strap and fit the bindings to the exact shape of your feet. In all, the K2 Lunatique combo is great if you are looking to ramp up your snowboarding sport to the next level.

Women’s snowboard bindings size guide

When it comes to the all-important women’s snowboard binding, size does matter. It is different with the men’s bindings size. In fact, a poorly fitting boot or binding can endanger a female boarder far more than a steep hill of snow. Thus, the common sense approach is to always understanding how to properly size women’s snowboard bindings.

Size chart data for female boarders

At the end of the day a women’s boot size at the standard 7-9 translates to a small binding size. Another example of matching a women’s boot size to properly fitting binding is a women’s boot that is sizes 9-11 would warrant a medium binding size.

In general, the standard snowboard bindings for women are sold or offered in small, medium and large; while that are slight differences in Euro snowboarding and “mondo” boot sizes.

Overall, there has never been a better time for women snowboarding fans to enjoy the slops as true “boarders” with the best gear on offer. The female snowboarders often comment online and even offer glowing testimonials for the “great fit” they received via a snowboarding gear website that featured proper snowboard boot and binding size charts. In turn, the boarder can easily view and then match their binding types with the standard women’s boot and board sizes and designs for a perfect fit


If you are looking for the best womens snowboard bindings 2016-2017, you need to identity your requirements first. If you want high-performance women’s bindings which are also very light-weight, you should go with the Union Juliet bindings or the Flow Minx hybrid bindings.

If you are concerned about the weight of the bindings and are looking more for the top-performing set, the GNU B-Free bindings are your best bet. At the end of the day, you have to identify your needs based on your particular individual style of snowboarding. And after you do that, you will be able to find the perfect bindings for you from our shortlisted models mentioned above.

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