Which are the Best Wake Surfing Boards 2019 (Explore in detail)

recommended best wakesurf boardsWhich are the best wake surfing boards 2019? to find the answer to this question, we conducted surveys and research on the market from the beginner to advanced surfers. Now we have answer via this article.

Most experts rated the following 6 boards as the best wakesurf boards for 2019. Just take your time and read below. in addition if you confused in choosing the boards don’t worry we also cover the buying guide in this.

Wakesurfing has gained popularity lately because of the continuous moving with the board without waiting at the beach for the right waves to appear.

Wake surfing boards are a bit different from other surfing board mainly because of their buoyancy and speed. Only these wakesurf boards are the best which don’t hinder the rider to ride in their own way.

Best Wake Surfing Boards Review

We have collected the best wakesurf boards for you. From beginners to the advanced riders, these boards offer optimal performance. Wakesurfing is a bit more adventurous water sports and what’s the need of it when the rider doesn’t want to try some new tricks? All these boards offer the rider to enjoy their time in the water greatly.

#1. Driftsun Throwdown Wakesurf Board – 4′ 8″

Ideally made for the beginners and intermediates but this board could be customized for the advanced riders as well by using its additional fin set up which make it a best wakesurf board in the town.

This board is made from EPS core with full natural wood stringer and has the size of 4’ 8” length, 1.5” tapered thickness, and 20” width. It is a hand finished board having epoxy and layered fiberglass. To maximize the grip, it has EVA diamond shape traction pad.

The shape of this wakesurf board optimizes its performance. It has a dual concave base and rocker line that make it super fast and highly responsive to the commands of the rider. The construction makes it vibrant enough to perform different spins, tricks, and even jumps. Its square nose and diamond tail make it highly rigid and a responsive turner respectively.

Other than these, this board features removable 4 fin surf setup. There are two surf fins and two trailing fins.

This board is best for beginners and even ideal for big guys because this board grows with the rider. It is kind of board that built confidence in new riders, while the experienced surfers enjoy its explosiveness and high speed.

#2. Slingshot Butter Bar Wakesurfer

This pintail board has a classic skimboard shape that makes it suitable for the beginners as well as the experienced riders who love to toss and turn with the waves.

This Slingshot Butter Bar is for all the surfers who like to surf like a skater and have some technical moves to enjoy when wakesurfing. This board features accelerated rocker line which turns this board into the fastest in its respective series.

Whether the wave is giant or small, this wakesurf board doesn’t restrict the rider at all. Available at two different sizes of 52 inches and 56 inches, this board is able to bear the weights of up to 250lbs for the former, and 275lbs for the later one.

To further enhance the grip of the board, it has a V-Spine double concave hull along with the concave rails. It not only maximizes the grip but also helps the ride in the backward flips along with doing different tricks.

#3. Ronix Marsh Mellow Thrasher Wakesurfer

It is a very tough but highly funky looking wakesurfer that offers speed and agility to the ride when they ride the wake.

Ronix makes to my list because of the durability it offers along with the optimal performance in different situations. The board is kept light weighted by using the machine EVA top deck; plus, it offers more buoyancy because it features a ‘Surf Construction’.

You don’t need only giant waves to enjoy the water with this board. It hasa rail design that even makes it functional when the waves are really small which makes it the best for small wave. The exterior is made soft and keeps the quality of its name ‘marsh mellow’; due to its quality construction, it remains free from any kinds of dents even when it is roughly used.

It is a highly advanced board that has the sturdiness of the wakeboard but it has the feel and weight of the surfboard.

#4. Hyperlite 2019 Shim Wakesurfer – Premium Surf Style and Skimmer Wakesurf Board

Owning both – skim and surf style – characteristics, this board is the ideal choice of the intermediate and advanced riders.

The Shim is a fast rocking wakesurf that offers the ideal speed whether in water or in the air. Having all the maneuverable properties, this wakesurf is good for tricks especially.

Made from fiberglass and having different layers make it workable year after year. Like the traditional woven glass fibers, the board doesn’t break with time. Along with this, it uses DuraShell Technology that makes it a perfectly buoyant board giving the feel of an EPS board.

When you want to make a switch or polish your tricks even further, the Shim helps you to move forward with its great performing features and pintail design.

#5. O’Brien NaluWakesurfer

With the single fin and extra large flat spot, the Nalu offers totally out of the world experience to the riders.

Nalu made to my list because of its Skim style – having sharper rail with a smaller fin. It has a concave top deck for better performance, fuller control and maximum comfort.

This feather core wakesurfer is constructed in a way that catching even small waves is not a trouble and for the large waves, there is no problem at all.

Best for beginners as well as the intermediate rider, the Nalu is super-fun for cruising behind the boat or doing your favorite trick.

#6. Liquid Force Rocket Wakesurfer

With winged swallow tail and compression molded design, the LF Rocket makes every surfing day dynamic.

It is an ultra-stable board that is highly stable when comes in contact with water and offers an optimal experience to the ride. From single to double concave hull, this board allows natural gliding on the waves.

Those who like to have the fish feel, this board has twin and single interchangeable fin setup. For better and full coverage, it features a larger EVA deck pad.

Things to look when choosing Wakesurf Boards

Wakesurf boards have to catch the small weak wakes of the wake boat as compared with the ocean waves; so, there are lots of things to consider when you want to buy the wakesurf boards.

1. Skim or Surf – Wakesurf Board Style is the Best?

It is not dependant on which one you like, but more likely on which level you are. If you are new then surf style boards are better because they are thicker, longer, and feature a larger multi-fin setup.

When you gain the confidence to wakesurf then switching to a skim style board helps you to polish your skills further. Skim style boards are shorter and thinner and they have only a single small fin.

2. How Many Fins to Select in a Wakesurf Board?

It is totally up to your choice. Just learn how this mechanism works and it will make your selection easier. When the board has smaller fins or lower numbers of fins, the tail will loosen and break free quite easily. On the other hand, the bigger or greater numbers of fins make the tail tight and increase acceleration when the board is pumped and provide better speed.

3. How to check the rail profile?

Like the fins of the board, the rail also plays its crucial part in the performance of the board. The sharp rail helps to augment the down the line speed. When present around the entire board, it holds on to the wake and provides full control. On the contrary, the dull rail doesn’t have that much speed but allows an easy transition from rail to rail very smoothly.

4. Which material is the best?

The shape of the board lies side by side with the material when a person is selecting a board. A material needs to be light but it should be strong as well. Boards are mostly constructed from foam and then glassed over. So, there’s not a much choice.

5. Which size offers the optimal performance?

Which size to select is not the matter of your own size, rather than it’s the matter of a boat wake. When the wake is bigger, than you need the smaller board to ride it, and when it is small, you need a bigger board to catch it.

6. Does your own weight highly matter?

There are different boards in the market having different capacity of weight bearing. To perform better than others, you need to know your own weight first. Try to go for the board that has your weight as a median. It will improve the performance of too many folds.

7. Boat Wake Matters as well?

No matter how many boards you have changed for the better performance, but it remains the same if your boat wake is not enough for you to ride the wave. Not only invest on your wakesurf boards but also keep check on the wakes that your boat produces and do the changes where necessary.

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