How to Select the Best Union Bindings 2022 for My Snowboard?

In Asia, Europe, and the USA, Union has been producing the top bindings and having customers all over the world.

The company is heading forward only with its amazing products. The bindings are of great quality. Here are the best Union bindings 2022 that can take your snowboarding to a whole new level.

Best Union Bindings 2022

Here is the future with Union bindings 2022. You don’t need to search more, just trust our choice and pick one of their best bindings we have already listed.

PictureUnion Bindings 
Explorer FC Splitboard 2022View on evo
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Milan - Women's 2021View on evo

Explorer FC Splitboard Bindings 2022

Awesome built quality, lightweight, and futuristic design, these split board bindings are worth buying for the ultimate snowboarding experience.

The most amazing thing about these bindings is their two different modes. They have a tour mode and a ride mode. The touring mode allows the binding to go into the climbing cradle and get locked. In the riding mode, the binding goes to the baseplate that rotates over the board’s center. Thanks to the special spring-loaded pin system, the connection of the bindings to the board is augmented greatly.

The carbon-injected baseplate helps you to get going. Having SB2 duraflex CB, the base offers solid construction. Its design makes sure that the whole board gets the same energy. Furthermore, it features a forged carbon heel cup which is very light weighted. It makes the bindings over 70 grams lighter than the bindings having aluminum heel cups.

The EXP2 duraflex ST highback transfers between the ride and walk mode quickly. To buckle up, here you get magnesium S1 ratchets – they are completely spring protected and withstand freezing temperatures, continuous strapping and unstrapping, water, etc.

All in all, from traveling to riding, these bindings are ideal for every condition and let you enjoy snowboarding like a pro.

Force Snowboard Bindings 2022

When you want durability and style side-by-side, Force is your perfect option to get them both.

The baseplate contains everything to make you enjoy the season. It features stage 4 duraflex ST which is like a normal duraflex but with better qualities. It has extra glass that makes it more responsive with lower weight which makes it perfect for low temperatures. Having multi-density thermoformed EVA gives it a long life with a better quality that makes it last season after season without turning brittle.

Furthermore, the 3D aluminum heel cups give extra hold for better control – they are one of the toughest you can have. The highback has the same construction as the baseplate with a classic FLAD so you can easily adjust the forward lean angle according to your movements.

You get multiple straps with different adjustments. All of them keep you locked in with great strength. The toe strap also features the new pin system. Buckles are magnesium having a bombproof ratchet system. They have very lightweight but the durability is really high.

So, no matter which terrain you choose and how you want to use the bindings, you can trust the Union Force blindly.

Strata Snowboard Bindings 2021

Designed to meet the needs of the advanced levels, these snowboard bindings are the Union’s latest with all the top-notch features.

Whether you want to ride rough or smooth, these bindings make sure that you remain in your place with comfort.  The base plate is made of stage 6 duraflex ST that has extra glass for lower weight but with more responsiveness. It can specifically withstand the harshness of cold conditions. Thanks to the OTE fused vapor lite bushings, you get better cushioning with reduced vibrations. The heel cup is made from 3D aluminum for minimal drag with the strongest construction.

The high back is again made from duraflex ST which adds the same qualities as the baseplate. It is asymmetrical and very light. Additionally, to enhance the performance, it has hexgrip toe strap with secure lock. It has different position options and also anti-slip thermoplastic material that keeps you in your place. The design augments the strength connection as well with the new pin system.

The Strata buckles are magnesium which is very light weighted with durability that you always desire. Also, the use of grade 8.8 hardware makes it highly reliable; it the strongest steel to use that any binding could have.

Force Snowboard Bindings 2021

Force gives you the power to live your snowboarding dream flawlessly.

Union’s Force has everything that can take your snowboarding experience to new heights. It has the most durable baseplate made from stage 4 duraflex ST. In simple words, it is a regular duraflex but the responsiveness is way to extra thanks to more glass. It keeps the weight low but enhances performance. As you need to take them to the snow, they are designed to withstand very low temperatures.

Further, the multi-density thermoformed EVA bushing keeps it going season after season. It doesn’t become brittle with time. For the best heel hold and lowest drag, it features extruded 3D aluminum heel cups that are the toughest you get in the market.

The highback also has the same duraflex ST that keeps it going with better control. With the classic FLAD, it is easy to pull the lever away from the high back to adjust your angle in no time with ease.

Their pro ankle straps have the wider and classical design that keeps you in your place securely. The toe strap also has a special lock with anti-slip material so you can have better control. Further, things are easy because of the tool-less strap adjustment. Also, there are magnesium buckles with a bombproof ratchet system. That makes the buckles light and durable and lowers overall weight.

All in all, with these bindings, you can have an amazing snowboarding experience.

Milan Snowboard Bindings – Women’s 2021

With medium flex ratings and high-quality construction, these bindings can improve any women’s snowboarding experience.

You can get the best from your board with these bindings. They are made for freestyle specialists to meet the advanced rider needs. The baseplate is made from CP3 duraflex which is for snowsports especially.

There is also a full bottom bushing system that gives the natural canting effect along with lowering vibration. Also, there are extruded 3D aluminum heel cups that give the best hold and lower the drag. Their aluminum construction makes them the strongest in the market today.

The CP3 S duraflex highback also improves performance and makes them give the constant flex in even very low temperatures. Travis Rice designed their forma elite direct connect ankle strap that makes them perfect for all riding styles. Also, the 1.0 hexgrip toe strap offers multi-positional options along with the thermoplastic anti-slip material to enhance your control with a better locking system.

With the aluminum buckles, it is easy to get in and out which gives you greater strength with a lower weight. Overall, they have the grade 8.8 hardware which is the strongest steel in the market.

Are Union Bindings Good?

When you want high-quality construction with increased durability then you can surely trust Union bindings. While keeping you in your place, their comfort level is superb. No matter how long you use them, they don’t feel heavy on the feet thanks to their advanced manufacturing and correct use of material.

Union understands that even a small amount of weight can make you feel burdened and impact your performance, thus, they make sure that their bindings remain as light in weight as possible. From the main body to the buckles, the quality of every part has been enhanced while managing the weight and keeping it at the lowest.

Also, to make sure that you don’t waste your precious time, going into the bindings and going out is made quick and simple. Installing them is also very easy and like any other standard bindings. It also doesn’t take much time. You can easily set them to get going.

Overall, the answer is yes. When you are looking for perfect quality and also don’t want to spend extra money, then Union bindings are the best bindings to own. They don’t burden your pocket and have the potency to keep you intact on your board for many hours. They help you to flow with the snowboard and have the true riding feel. From the amazing built quality to optimal performance, these bindings are not only good but great.

What Styles Do Union Bindings Use for?

Well, when it comes to the style, you wil get a variety of Union bindings for freestyle and all-mountain riding.  You can also have dedicated bindings for splitboarding as well. Every style has its own benefits which are highly achievable with Union Bindings.

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