10 Best Twin Tip Skis for 2020 – 2021

Unlike their traditional alpine counterparts, twin tip skis will give you all the thrill while jumping and skiing backwards, thanks to their curved ends. With a lifted and curved tip and tail, it not only makes sliding more fluid but spinning and jumping becomes smooth as well. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, twin tips will be your best friend while skiing across a wide variety of terrains. If you are looking to step up your game, let me present to you the best twin tip skis that are available in the market.

Best Twin Tip Skis

Best Twin Tip Skis for 2020 – 2021

PictureTwin Tip Skis 
Armada Whitewalker 2021View on evo
KYE Shapes Numinous 2021View on evo
Icelantic Maiden 111 Skis - Women's 2021View on evo
Faction Candide 2.0 2021View on evo
K2 Reckoner 102 2021View on evo
Line Skis Chronic 2021View on evo
Rossignol Free'ZB 118 cm Twin Tip Skis Skiboards w. Look Ski BindingsView on Amazon
K2 Press Skis 2020 - Men'sView on Amazon
2020 Scott Scrapper 115 Skis w/Marker Griffon 13 ID BindingsView on Amazon
Armada 2020 ARV 106 Skis w/Tyrolia Attack2 13 GW BindingsView on Amazon

Twin Tip Skis Reviews for 2021

Our guide explains all the top features and pros of each one of the twin tip skis presented below:

Rossignol Free’ZB 118 cm – Best Twin Tip All Mountain Skis

With over 100 years in the market, Rossignol is one of the top manufacturers of Skis and its related accessories. Free’ZB is their newer release which comes with Look Xpress 10 Ski Bindings.

Let’s talk about the construction and design of this Skiboard. It is a 118 cm long full twin tip ski with ABS sidewall construction. If you were not previously familiar with ABS, it’s a dense plastic material which is placed on the walls of a ski to protect the core.

Many people prefer ABS sidewall construction over cap construction. With a sidewall, you get more torsional stability, increased acceleration on the edges, dampened impact of vibration when you hit a rough corner and greater flexibility from one end to another.

Enhanced stability and power are achieved by Full 100% Camber Design and Centered Sidecut. Both the tip and tail are protected by 360 full wrap steel protectors.

Coming back to the Look Xpress 10 bindings – these are super lightweight and reliable. You don’t have to mount them as they come pre-installed on your skis. It is compatible with a boot size range of around 4 to 12 US Size.

It enhances flex with its two-plate system. It allows for a DIN setting from 2.5 to 10 helping you to stay safe and protected. Moreover, you don’t need any tools to adjust these bindings with an adjustment measurement between 258mm to 386mm which is definitely one of the widest ranges in the market.

Free’ZB is a unisex skiboard which comes in multiple colors. One skiboard has a weight of 2.4 kg and is a reasonable equipment for intermediate to advanced skiers. While this ski is perfect for All Mountain skiing, it works just great for parks and off trail as well.

K2 Press Skis 2020 – Men’s

Established in 1962, K2 is considered one of the pioneer Ski manufacturers in United States of America. Being the leaders in the industry, they never fail to amaze us with their latest designs. Released in 2020, Press Skis is another addition to K2’s twin tip line.

At its core, you will find longitudinal Carbon Boost Braid stringers which provide extra pop and strength. Made with Aspen and constructed using DuraCap molding process, Press Ski is all about resilience, durability and an overall lighter feel. Sidewalls are added for extra protection and stability.

A smooth transition and rise from tip to tail gives more control to the skier. It has a medium width and a very soft flex which allows you to ski through an all-mountain terrain with least amount of effort. Turning is also made easy with all-terrain rocker.

It’s best suitable for a beginner who’s ready to step in the park and then advance their way through to an intermediate level in the mountains.

Please keep in mind that Press Skis 2020 is specifically designed for Men. Also, as these do not come with Pre-mounted bindings, you need to purchase them separately.

2020 Scott Scrapper 115 Skis

Scott Scrapper – the company that brands itself as “Innovators” – recently celebrated their 60 years Anniversary. They opened a new state-of-the-art Head Quarter in Switzerland which definitely speaks all about their innovation and technology.

115 Ski is a powder skiers’ best friend. With a full-length laminate paulownia wood core and 3Dimensional sidecut, you get the best of both worlds – ultra lightweight flex combined with extra stability. The twin-tip rocker design enables you to float smoothly in deep snow.

It comes in two length configurations – 182cm and 189cm. 115 weighs around 1.7kgs – 1.8kgs and comes in a single color. Its turn radius is 23 meters. If you are someone that loves sliding their Skiboard sideways, then this is the perfect option for you.

Scott Scrapper 115 is paired with Marker Griffon 13 ID bindings which have an extremely powerful toe piece. Its triple pivot toe construction gives these bindings the ability to absorb an impressive amount of energy. You get enhanced support and excellent performance.

Griffon ID series has the latest Anti Friction Device (AFD) gliding plate for a perfectly timed release. Snow or debris never builds up in these bindings which allows for an uninterrupted release experience.

Armada 2020 ARV 106 Skis

A comparatively newer Brand, Armada was founded in early 2000s by a bunch of skiing enthusiast. They saw the ever-increasing rise in freeskiing and tailored their brand around this newly introduced style.

ARV 106 Skis, released in 2020, stood to the challenge of maintaining versatility along with control and precision. At its core, Poplar Ash is used which keeps it light in weight and gives it greater strength.

The Twin-tip shape makes it perfect for freestyle skiing and the AR75 Sidewall works great at absorbing high speed hits with walls or rails. AR Freestyle Rocker makes slashing through powder and carving groomers a dream. It has a flex rating of around 6.5-7 – leaning more towards the stiffer end. For enhanced control and grip, an underfoot camber is present.

It has a turn radius of 20.5mm and a length of 180cm. If you have a thing for funky designs, then this Ski is the one for you. It comes with ARV series Artwork created by Joram Roukes who’s an artist known for his dark yet witty drawings. For many skiers out there, ARV 106 is definitely an all-rounder and a fan favorite!

Moving on to the bindings, this ski is paired with Tyrolia Attack2 13 GW Bindings. These are made with FR Pro2 Toe construction which supports a variety of all-mountain skiing. It’s compatible with new Grip Walk Boot Soles. With a wide anti friction device and 4-13 DIN range, you will get great safety and enhanced functionality.

2015 Fischer Stunner 111cm Jr

Finally, we have a great skiboard for Kids from Fischer – a company that’s run by an Austrian family with a passion for skiing and a company focus on achieving socio-economic sustainability.

Stunner Skis features a full twin-tip design with special glass fiber technology. This technology gives much more room to the skier for some bending and turning action. The producers are able to reduce its weight by providing Air Power to the Ski Core.

Perfectly designed for Juniors, these 111cm long skis have FreeSki Rockers which ensure that your child doesn’t have to put in a great amount of effort during initiation. The rockers are attached with an easy-to-maintain Extruded Base material.

For your Information – Many skiers get puzzled when it comes to going for an Extruded or Sintered Base. While it depends on the purpose of your skis, as a rule of thumb remember that Freestylers, beginners and young riders make the most out of Extruded Base.

Stunner has a two-piece Junior Railflex integration system for an enhanced transmission of power. It’s most suitable for all-mountain, park and pipe terrain.

Now looking at the FJ4 AC Ski bindings for youth, these have Anti Friction Sliders (AFS) that are meant to provide more stability and a safer experience for your child. These have a DIN range of 0.75 to 4.5, making them ideal for beginners. For greater flexibility and better release, these bindings have FRP inserts.

Pros and Cons of Twin Tip Skis

In the final section of this article, we look at some of the Pros and Cons of selecting twin tip skis according to your skiing style.


  • Makes turning and maneuvering easy

A twin tip ski allows you to easily take turns and maneuver your way around a variety of terrains. It also makes skiing more flexible and is therefore the best option for newbies.

  • Allows Skiers to Jump and land Backwardly

If you have some jumping action and tricks up your sleeve, then a twin tip ski is definitely what you’re looking for.  With equal curve on both tip and tail, skiing forward or backward looks the same.

  • An All-Terrain Friendly Ski

Whether you take your twin tip skis for freestyling on rails or to an all-mountain skiing expedition, a twin tip ski will be there to give you the time of your life!


  • Safety Concerns

With a twin tip ski, you have a higher risk of getting in an accident thanks to its easy to float design. For aggressive skiers, these can be a bit of a threat.

In conclusion, we looked at the best twin tip skis available in the market as well as the pros and cons attached with them. Hopefully, this article will allow you to make an informed decision!

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