Best Surfboards 2019 – Learning About all Types and Buying Guide

all types of best surfboardsAs the summer has just arrived, it is the right time to select from the best surfboards for 2019, in the beginning, to enjoy later in the season when the waves are high.

The experts know where to head, but the intermediates and beginners don’t know how to start.

Don’t think more and just use my complete guide to the best surfing boards you can get this season to make the correct decision.

Best Surfboards of 2019 comparison chart

2019 welcomes so many additions in the new and old family of the surfboard companies. It is the complete chart that will provide you a comparison of the best surfing boards of 2019 in a single glimpse; go ahead and try one today, as you don’t know what you are missing!

Surfing Boards Types

Surfboards are categorized according to their shape and type. Every category has its own king. Here is the list of different types of surfboards with one best of each type.


Also renowned as a ‘log’ or ‘cruiser’, the longboards are usually 8 or 12 feet long with most of them having a rounded nose.

They are best for beginners especially because they are very much stable in the water and easy to paddle.

It is also effortless with longboards to catch a wave. Because of their big size, they are hard to carry inside water or outside – it is their only negative aspect.

One of the best longboard surfboards Review

Modern Surfboards Blackbird PU

Modern Surfboards’ Blackbird Longboard is the best longboard for beginners to advanced riders who just want to enjoy every wave that they encounter.

This longboard has a fun shape which is simple and offers a good time for the riders. Ideal for almost every wave condition, it has a reliable PU construction.

It is designed specially by keeping in mind small to medium sized waves. It has a rounded nose area that allows the rider to shift the weight forward when the wave comes to you by trimming it through. From nose to tail, its generous outline increases the stability of the board.

This board features moderate rockers that aid in paddling smoothly or making exceptional turns. For better speed and transition, it has the vee-to-double concave bottom.

No matter what is your skill level is, it has the biggest sweet spot than others to treat everyone who wants to enjoy the coming waves. Available in three different sizes from 7 feet to 8 feet, this surfboard offers real fun to all.

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Another name for shortboard is thruster. They are more common in contest style surfing because of their paddling ease, power control, and speed.

They are easy to carry and usually have the length between 5 feet 6 inches and 6 feet 4 inches, and 16 and 19 inches width.

Most of the shortboards have rounded square tail. They are not for beginners and usually are the choice of advanced surfers.

Best Shortboard Review

ECS Boards – Bulldog V-Flex Short Surfboard

Specifically made to be ridden in 90% of surf, this board is the best from ECS Boards with its amazing design and high-quality construction.

This shortboard is ideal for every man and woman who want to enjoy every wave when surfing on the water. It is the high-performance board having a double concave bottom for providing ease at rail-to-rail transitions. Having a low consistent rocker to boost speed and offering easy paddling, this board a super fast and easy to maneuver.

Constructed using high-quality materials with beautiful design, this board has a high volume. Ideal for the beginners as well as experienced riders, this board offer something for all. It is made using the V-flex bamboo vacuum present in between the deck and carbon vector net. Featuring a V-Flex technology, this board maintains compression resistance while offering greater flex. Available in a different size starting from 5’6 to 6’8, this board offers completely fun surfing for all.

Fish Board

The fish surfboards have the size more or less similar to the shortboards with the length between 5’2″ and 6’4″ and width between 18″ and 22″.

However, they are different because of their rounder and wider nose with midsection width and swallowtail.

Perfect be used in a small to medium sized wave, fish surfboards are used to enhance the wave catching ability of the surfer while maintaining speed and controlling motion.

Best fish surfboards Review

The 5’8 Mahi

Ideal for the best performance that allows easy floating and padding with optimum speed, 5’8 Mahi hybrid surfboard is the best fish board you can find in the market.

Specially designed and tested, this South Bay Board Co. is 5 feet 8 inches in length, 21 inches wide and 2 3/4 inches thick. It is a working surf miracle as it allows stable transitions with no trouble.

It is constructed using high-quality materials only. Its whole development is highly advanced and includes I-Beam Stringer and EPS closed cell foam. To make it sturdy and strong, it has two 6oz layers of resins. To give it a traditional look, it is made with real bamboo having clear resin on the bottom deck.

Like other boards of the similar producer, this board is offers enhanced gripping with stronger texture. 5’8 Mahi is a fun fish shapes with wider chest area and the classical fishtail to compact every wave that comes in the way.

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With the length between 6’6″ and 8’8″ and the width of 20 inches to 22 inches, the funboard is a combination of longboard and shortboard.

It has the paddling power of the former one and the turning power of the later board.

Funboard makes it easy to perform in every condition that’s why they are suitable for the intermediate surfers.

Gun surfboards

Gun surfboard get their name from the term elephant gun. It means that the surfer uses this board as the gun to tackle big waves.

They have a size ranging from 6 feet to 10 feet plus. Usually their nose and tail are pointy and narrow for maximum rail contact.

As they are big and powerful with their ideal shape, they are easy to control and paddle in big waves and shallow waves alike. Gun surfboards are for the experienced only.

Hybrid Board

Hybrid surfboards are simply a mixture of two similar board types. For instance a combination of a shortboard or a fish, or a longboard or a shortboard.

These boards have the mixture quality of both the boards combined like it takes the volume of one and size of the other.

Best hybrid surfboards Review

NSP Elements Hybrid Short Surfboard

Claimed to be the best selling hybrid surfboard in the world by the NSP, this board has a versatile design with highly durable construction.

This hybrid board has the ultimate features of best performing shortboard and highly advanced fish board. The board is designed for the average everyday surfer you just want to search irrespective of the condition of the waves.

When the conditions are not ideal then it has a flatter rocker and it’s optimum width allows the surfer to catch the high tide waves and maintaining the perfect speed. In the steeper waves, it uses the performance rails and shortboard tail to maneuver with the greater speeds.

The board is made light weighted with the use of water-resistant EPS foam core fibreglass. It is highly durable, strong, and light it as it is laminated with epoxy resin.

This powerful performing durable hybrid surfboard comes in five different sizes so the surfer could select the suit him/her the most.

Paddle Boards

Another addition in this list is the paddle board. It is a large board which is wide and has more buoyancy. It allows the rider to stand up by paddling.

The common length of these boards is 10 to 12 feet. The paddler requires good balancing skills and can surf from the small waves to bigger ones.

You don’t need this board for the sea only; you can use it and standing lake or pond as well to enjoy the nature.

Best paddle boards Review

BIC Sport TOUGH-TEC Performer Sup Stand Up

Ideal for flat water or small wave surfing, it is a tough paddle board having blended surf inspired longboard outline that has made it the International best seller.

Having an embossed EVA deck pad, it is a highly comfortable paddle board with exceptional traction. To provide easy transport and securing gear, it comes with different attachment points. It also has an ergo-grip carry handle with the re-curved inner surface.

While still enjoying in the surf zone, it maintains a moderate rocker profile. To smoothen rail transfers and pivot turns, it has around thumb tail shape. Available in three different sizes, riders could select the one best Performer for themselves.

What are the Best Surfboards for Beginners?

For the beginners, it is always better to select the longer size board. The longboards are stable and wide and offer lots of floatation to the new learner.

Beginners require struggle free wave catching boards and small boards produce much trouble in wave catching when you are new at it.

For floatation, enough volume is needed. A beginner finds it hard to catch the wave or balance when gets one. New surfers require surfboards having high buoyancy so their mistakes could be neglected.

Overall, when you are a beginner follow these simple features:

  • Length: Depending upon your own height, the length of your board should allow easy paddling, provide speed, and aid in catching smaller waves.
  • Width: When it comes to stability, wide boards are more stable and make you stand up easily.
  • Buoyancy: The boards which are thicker have the better ability to float when they catch a wave.

Best beginner surfboards Review

The 8’8 Heritage

8’8 is the best beginner surfboard that supports the new surfers of up to 230 lbs. This board of South Bay Board Co. contains all the key features that a board rider looks in the surfboard.

With 8 feet 8 inches of length, 3.25 inches of thickness, and 23 inches of width, this board has the ideal dimension to initiate surfing. The bit of extra length is all that is needed by the new surfer. This longboard also comes with pulled in squash tail shape, wider chest area, and rounded out nose which, in combination, enhance the boards stability too many folds.

The 8’8 Heritage has a special design; triple stringer system that is enclosed by heat compressed EPS Closed Cell Foam so no water is absorbed. Also, it has two 6 oz resin layers that improve the toughness and rigidity of the board. For safe storage, rubber bumper is there. To naturally remove the heat, Heat Release Valve is present that doesn’t allow bubbling and de-lamination.

It has foam texture and no use wax that means surfboard appears cleaner for a longer time and it is also easier to clean it when becomes dirty. The design provides a better and stronger grip.

Best Intermediate Surfboards

After finishing level 1, surfers usually think that it is now the correct time to switch to the shortboard, but in actual it is the right time to use the longboards to master your skills. For your transition board don’t go for the board that is very small.

Length: As a general rule, when the surfer is shifting from beginner to intermediate, the board should be longer than 6″ to 12″ of their height. Also, the board should have enough volume.

Construction: Epoxy construction is mainly recommended because of the weight benefit and the strength they have.

Weight: Lightweight is recommended as it makes it easy to stay up on the water and paddle easily.

Best intermediate surfboards Review


The new 9’6″ ACE-TEC is the best intermediate surfboards available in the market today. It is perfect for any sized surfer with its just right stability and ideal volume.

BIC Sports create some of the best services in the market and this one is my personal favorite because it is a combo of classic and modern construction. This longboard has a classic shape with proven Epoxy technology.

This ‘big boy’ has the volume that does not interfere in the speed and agility of the surfer when it comes to making turns and fast progression. It is the larger surfboard for the accomplished surfers who know how to tackle the waves.

Even with its great volume and length of 9 feet, it is highly light weighted. It has an ASA composite skin enclosing an epoxy resin impregnated glass fibre. It also comes with FCS fins.

This longboard is made in France and because of its powerful construction, it is 30% stronger than the traditional surfboards and exceptionally durable.

Best Small Wave Surfboards

The fish short surfboards are the best small wave surfboards because simple standard shortboards alone are not good for the small waves. These are the general features of the small wave surfboards:

  • Wider tail
  • Quad or big side fins with a small trailer fin
  • Extra width and thickness
  • Having shoulder height

Best small wave surfboards Review

NSP Elements Fish Short Surfboard

Flatter-rockered, wide, and fast, these things define the NDP Elements Fish Shortboard Surfboard the best.

No matter what the condition is, it has a wide nose that includes more volume under your chest to enhance your paddling power. Also, it enhances the ability to enter into the smallest waves with great acceleration.

To make the turns even livelier, it has a side hip behind the front fins. Not only that, but it also includes more volume and increases the feel. It gives you traction, speed, and enough drive to enjoy your surf.

It is constructed by using the water-resistant EPS foam core fiberglass which is light in weight and makes it strong and durable.

Best Surfing Board Brands

There are many surfboard brands in the market today but the following are my personal favorite because of their durable and quality products.


NSP stands for New Surf Project. Functioning since 2001, they use modern technology to make lightweight and ding resistant surfboards.

They use the best material in the development of their surfboards and paddleboards. Their surfboard size ranges from 5 feet 6 inches fish style to the classic longboards having the size of 10 feet.

From basic developing material NSP elements to highly advanced NSP E+, there is a diverse range of material being used.

NSP provides long lasting and high-quality surfboards that come in unique shapes and perfect performance.

South Bay Board Co

Using the high-quality material and best manufacturing, South Bay Board Co. has set very high standards when making surfboards.

From entry level series to the experts, this Southern California company designs and creates the best boards. For a constant level of quality and performance, they use custom design and molded shapes.

They have multiple level testing systems to make sure that the surfboard has the perfect standard.

BIC Sport

BIC surfboards are for beginners, top-level pros, masters, and casual riders. They have a full range of boards made from using most durable constructing materials like polyethylene, composite skin, glassfibre, etc.

Their boards are durable and resistant to any kind of glides and knocks. Most of their surfboards are made in France. Founded in 1979, the BIC Sport enjoyed enough time in the industry to know about what surfers want in surfboards.

Buying guide

When choosing a surfboard, there are so many things to keep in mind. These factors make your choice easy.

#1. Your levels

It is the top and foremost thing to check and consider. Your level will decide the basic board type. Which level you are at – beginner, intermediate, or advanced?

  • Beginners: When you are a new surfer, you need lots of volume and stability in your board. The optimum length for the beginners is around 7 to 9 feet that means longboards are ideal for them.
  • Their board should have the width of 22-23 inches and at least 3 inches of thickness. A soft top board provides better float and stability which is good for the beginners when they start learning.
  • Intermediate: You cannot change directly to the shortboard after learning on a longboard. Using fish or hybrid surfboard provides a better learning platform for the intermediate surfers and to practice maneuvers.
  • Experts: Shortboards or guns are perfect for experts and obviously they don’t need my suggestion – they know what suits them better.

#2. Types of wave

Which wave type is your favorite? It is a personal question but impacts everyone who has arrived at the beach for surfing.

The wave condition differs from the beach to beach, and even day and night time at the same beach. Sometimes there are small waves and sometimes there are big.

So, restricted yourself on only one kind of board will make you sit and wait for the ideal time to enjoy surfing.

However, many time it is not possible to wait. Make sure you have a set of boards when you go surfing,, so you can enjoy without wasting any time.

#3. Your weight

When buying a new board make sure that you know how much you weigh and whether your new board will bear your weight. As a rule, the more you weigh the greater volume your board should have.

For instance, if a beginner has 60 to 65 kg weight with excellent fitness, then the volume of the surfboard should be 45 to 53.

#4. Type of surfboards that you like

Above in the article, I have mentioned different types of surfboards, you might have one already in your mind.

But, remember that if you are a beginner than a longboard will do the job for you.

And for the intermediates, hybrid and fish board do better. Everything is  matter of your choice here.

#5. Design of the board


Width is the measurement of one rail to another at the widest point of the board.

  • Narrow: Surfboard with the narrow width is simple to go from rail to rail. They offer better and fast response. It is the choice of advanced surfers because it helps in making tough turns and exceptional maneuvers.
  • Wide: They offer more surface area and floatation. The paddling is easy with extra glide. With wide width, these surfboards are highly stable and ideal for beginners.


  • Long surfboards: Offers fast paddling, allows catching more waves, and holds a longer water line, all these features make it highly stable and allows the board to surf when waves are bigger.
  • Short surfboards: Allows easy direction changing as they are less water resistance. Provides the optimum chance to the surfer to perform maneuvers especially in small waves.

Depth of board (thickness)

  • Thick Surfboards: Ideal for intermediates and beginners, it allows faster paddling and makes it easy to catch waves. When the board is thick it is easy to surf on softer wave while maintaining the speed.
  • Thin Surfboards: They are ideal for the experienced surfers as it allows them to flow freely in water. Best for maneuover as this surfboard does not float much.


The two major material that you find in the market today are

  • Epoxy Surfboards: They are very light weighted and environmental friendly. Their raw material is expensive and so are these boards. They offer high speed but the surfer may struggle with smaller waves.
  • Polyester surfboards: It is a traditional material but highly popular. They are cheaper but heavier than epoxy surfboards. They can even manage in the small waves.

#6. Fin system

The surfboard design impacts the fin setup and it is different from board to board. The shortboards usually have thruster setup, while the longboards have one large fin.

There are two most popular systems of the fin setup: Future fins and FCS.

#7. Leash line

A leash line is something that connects you to your board. This line guarantees you that you are bored won’t be going back to the beach without you. Mainly, the length of the leash is equal to the length of the surfboard.

#8. The curvature

Another aspect to look in the board is its curvature. From nose to the tail, the rocker is a bottom curve. The amount of curve in rocker will impact the turning ability of the surfboard. Shortboards have more rocker for better turning but the speed would be slow. On the contrary, low rockers improve the speed.

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