Best Snow Blades 2018 (Top 5 Rated and Buyer’s Guide)

best snow blades top rated and guideEvery year, a huge number of snow blade models hit the market. Given such a variety of choice, it can become a little hard to find the snow blades which are the right for you. We make this easier for you by providing a quick review of the best snow blades 2018.

The guide also helps you determine the right width, length, construction and other features for your snow blades.

Best Snow Blades 2018

PictureProductOur Rating
Summit ZR 88cm Skiboards Snowblades with Atomic L10 Release Bindings 20185/5
Elan Freeride Skiboards 99cm Snowblades w. Elan Release Bindings5/5
Summit Easy Rider 79cm Skiboards Easy Skis Snowblades Blue with Atomic L7 Release Bindings 20184.5/5
Summit Carbon Pro 99cm Skiboards Snowblades with Atomic L10 Release Bindings 20184.5/5
Snowjam Five Forty Titan 75cm Skiboards Snowblades with ski boot bindings 20184/5

How to Choose Snow Blades

Below are the things you need to consider when choosing snow blades:

#1. Size

Length: When it comes to the right length of snowblades, it depends on your personal style of skiboarding as well as your height. Typically, if you are shorter, shorter snow blades will suit you better while if you are tall and heavy, longer snow blades will be a better fit for you.

Shorter snow blades are easier to control and offer excellent maneuverability. Longer blades come with a greater turn radius and offer more stability at higher speeds. The chart below is only a suggested guideline to help you find the right length snow blades

Width: The width of snowblades depends mostly of your personal preferences and style. Do you want to ride at high speeds with greater control or do you want quick maneuverability and a good degree of stability? As a rule of thumb, a wider blade offers good stability and lets you make quick turns.

A narrow blade is more suited for high-speed riding. If you a beginner, you may want to go with a wider blade, making it easier for you to get the hang of skiboarding.

#2. Construction (materials)

Different snow blade models make use of different construction materials. The quality and the overall performance of the snow blades depend heavily on these materials. Typically, most snow blades feature wooden cores which come laminated for durability.

Many blades use additional materials such as aluminum reinforcement plates, graphite bases and fiberglass layers to add durability as well as stability to the snow blades. Snow blades which are used for high-speed riding usually come with sintered bases.

#3. Side cut

The side cut of a snowblade refers to the length from the tip of the blade to the middle. As a rule of thumb, snowblades with longer side cuts let you carve more easily while snowblades with shorter side cuts are not convenient for carving.

If you are beginning with the sport and want to try your hands at carving, go with snowblades which offer a sizable side cut.

#4. Camber

Camber is an important feature of snowblades. It refers to the degree of arc in the overall design of the board when it is laid flat on a surface. Snowblades with greater degree of camber is easier to lift off the snow during riding, making snowblades with more camber an ideal choice with park riders who frequently try their hands at tricks.

#5. Graphics

The graphics of a snowblade are the outlook of a snowblade. Of course, it is entirely up to your personal taste and preference to choose the right graphics. Different manufacturers offer snowblades with unique graphics each year. Go with one that you like best.

#6. Bindings on snow blades

Snow blades come with two types of bindings: release bindings and non-release bindings. In non-release bindings, you have to place your boots in the bindings and then clamp them over your feet to secure them. In release bindings, you simply adjust the bindings to the size of your boots and once your boots are fitted in, the binding click into place on their own.

#7. Compatibility with ski boots

Nearly all snowblade bindings are compatible with ski boots. Typically, ski boots from size 3 to 13 will have a corresponding snowblade on which they will easily fit. One slight problem is that ski boots are designed with the expectation that you will lean forward when using them, as if the case in skiing. But you don’t have to lean forward when using snowblades, so you will have to work a bit on the posture when using ski boots on snowblades.

Top Rated Snow Blades 2017

#1. Summit EZ 95cm Easy Skis Skiboards Snowblades

The Summit EZ 2017 snowblades are one of the best snow blade models this year. Like the previous models offered by EZ, this model indeed comes as an ‘Easy Ski’ snowblade which can be used by beginners and advanced riders alike.

The model particularly suits the beginners since these snow blades are incredibly easy to use and let you start making carves and turns almost instantly, even if you have little to no experience of skiboarding before. The design of the Summit EZ 2017 snowblades features a tip-to-tail vertical wooden core which is also laminated.

This offers a significant degree of tip-to-tail flex, making these snowblades ideally suited for groomed runs, terrain parks, all-mountain runs as well as backcountry skiboarding. Featuring a somewhat narrower tail and parabolic shape, these snowblades offer you maximum control and great maneuverability, making them ideal for beginner to intermediate riders.

Especially if you are looking to have some real fun on the slopes and don’t want to have a hard time with your snowblades, these are the ones for you. The Summit EZ model this year comes with Premounted Atomic L10 Release Bindings. So you can begin the fun as soon as you get these snowblades.

#2. Snowjam 540 Titan 90cm Skiboards Snowblades

Snowjam is known as the manufacturer of some of the top snowblades each year. This year as well, the company has maintained its reputation by releasing the Snowjam 540 Titan snowblades. These snowblades come with tip-to-tail wood core, giving them a significant degree of flex.

Although the wood core offers flex, letting you enjoy great maneuverability on these snowblades, the core is also thick which means that it will serve you well and keep you stable when you are having some high-speed fun on these snowblades.

The Snowjam 540 Titan 90cm snowblades are perfectly suited to beginners who are just starting to have fun on the slopes. Giving you good stability and the ability to move quickly, these snowblades allow you to spin, turn, ride at high speeds, even maneuver backwards and do all sorts of fun with perfect ease.

Even if you have seen little skiboarding action so far, these snowblades will make it incredibly easy for you to get the hang of it. Being smaller in size and yet quite wide in shape, the Snowjam 90cm lets you enjoy greater control over the movements of the skiboards and have a lot of fun at the same time. These snowblades come with standard Non-release skiboard bindings.

#3. Head Rod 94cm Skiboards Snowblades

The Head Rod 94 cm snowblades are among our favorites this year. These snowblades are well suited to the needs of the beginners and the style of advanced rider alike. Featuring graphite bases and a deep parabolic side cut, these snow blades makes it incredibly easy for you to skiboard even if you are a complete novice to the sport.

Just fit these on using the premounted Head/Tyrolia Sympro 100 Release Bindings that come with these snowblades and let the fun begin. Using these blades, carving is a breeze while you can also indulge in more advanced maneuvers such as groomed runs and fast turns.

The Head Rod 94cm snowblades are significantly wide, giving you maximum control of the skiboard while at the same time, letting you enjoy an exceptional degree of maneuverability. These snowblades feature a solid tail-to-tip wood core together with a snake-skin protective top sheet.

This means that these snowblades not only look cool and offer an exceptional performance, they are also meant to last a long time. Thanks to the Twin Tip design of these blades, backward riding on these snowblades is almost as natural and easy as forward riding. So these are a good balance of quality performance, affordability and style.

#4. Skiboards snowblades ski boards Mini skis 99cm

The Skiboards 99cm snowblades are one of the lightest snowblades on the market this year. These are the perfect beginner material and everything. These snowblades come with a composite core, wide design and sizable side cuts.

These features mean that these snowblades offer good durability, great control and a great degree of maneuverability letting you have all the fun at skiboarding even as a beginner. The snowblades feature an asymmetrical twin tip, letting you ride them forward or backward with an equal ease.

Although meant for beginners, these snowblades are also a good fit for intermediate-level riders. virtually making them one of the most attractive options this year.


At the end of the day, you need to consider a few things when choosing the best snow blades. These include your expertise, your personal style and your height among other things. It is only after considering these factors in the light of the guidelines provided above that you will reach a sound decision regarding the right snowblades for you.

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