The Best Ski Boots For Intermediate Skiers In 2021

The thrill of speeding down the side of a steep mountain on nothing but a pair of skis never gets old even for veteran skiers. But as you gain more experience you may want to try out your skiing skills on much more rougher terrain. So, to make sure that you stay safe even if you decide to ski on less than ideal terrain we have compiled this list of the best ski boots for intermediate skiers.


Best Ski Boots For Intermediate Skiers 2021

Intermediate Ski Boots Reviews

Salomon S​/Pro 100 Ski Boots 2021

If you need any type of skiing gear Salomon is the way to go. From ski bindings to ski boots they have got you covered. Now, let’s take a closer look at their S/Pro 100 ski boots to see what they have to offer.

The Custom Shell on these ski boots is especially designed for a quick molding process so that you can break in these shoes faster than ever before. The quicker molding allows for a better fit so that you can enjoy maximum comfort and control.

The material used for the shell construction is polyurethane which is reinforced using a fiber glass core frame. The thinner polyurethane walls allow for closer contact between your feet and the walls of the ski boot so that you get enhanced terrain feedback.

A sense amplifier cuff is also built into the outer shell. This cuff is adjustable and can be made to suit the shape of a skier’s lower legs. This provides extra support to the lower legs so that they stay securely in place during a ski ride.

Plus, the Salomon cuff is designed to provide a quicker rebound which is pretty awesome if you want to try more aggressive skiing.

Another great thing about these ski boots is that the custom liner under the shell is seamless. This new liner design provides better control and it is a lot warmer than previous liners.

The S/Pros also have 4 micro-adjustable 3D buckles made of aluminium. They allow you to customize the fit according to the shape of your feet so that you get a stronger and more personalized foot hold.


  • Custom Shell
  • Shell designed for maximum power transmission
  • Sense Amplifier Cuff
  • Custom fit liner
  • 4 adjustable buckles

Nordica Sportmachine 100 Ski Boots 2022

The Nordica sportmachine ski boots are an excellent choice for people with larger feet. These boots have a last size of 102mm which allows them to easily accommodate feet than are a little on the larger side.

Even better, Nordica offers a Tri-Fit technology for custom fitting. Once you purchase a pair of Nordica ski boots, the staff uses an infrared mechanism to heat up the liner and the boot shell so that when you put your feet into the boots they will conform to the exact contours of your feet.

This way you get the most customized fitting ever which will be just as good as getting custom-made ski boots for yourself.

The sportmachine ski boots also have an adjustable cuff that can be tightened or loosened depending on the size of your lower legs. This provides greater support to your calves so that they are better protected during a high-speed ski run.

Furthermore, soft flaps on either side of the stiff outer shell aid in an easier and more comfortable instep entry. A wide power strap is also provided at the top of the boot. This can be adjusted to fit your leg more securely for better performance on the slopes.

The Nordica ski boots are compatible with ISO 5355 Alpine High Traction Soles and have a flex rating of 100. This means that the boots are stiff enough for more advanced level skiing yet retain some of the comfort found in boots with a lower flex rating.


  • Tri-Fit Technology
  • Adjustable Cuff Profile
  • Comfortable instep entry
  • Power Strap
  • Compatible with high traction soles

Atomic Hawx Ultra 100 Ski Boots 2021

The Atomic Hawx Ultra 100 Ski boots are another contender for the title of best ski boots for intermediate skiers and with good cause.

Not many ski boot lines cater to people with narrow feet but the Atomic line does not disappoint. With a last size of 98mm the Atomic line features some of the smallest ski boots on offer so that people with smaller and narrower feet can also get in on the skiing action.

Next, the Atomic ski boots also stand out in the customized fitting department. They use a special Memolink material in their shell which makes the boots more moldable than other ski boots out there. The Memolink gives the plastic shell more flexibility so that when heated it expands to fit the exact shape of your feet.

The construction of the Atomic boot is also quite unique. The outer shell of the boot is made out of a material called Prolite which ensures that the boot retains its lightweight nature while remaining sturdy at the same time.

To reinforce this lightweight shell an energy backbone is also built into the shoe. This backbone provides the ski boot with the stiffness and strength that is needed for intermediate skiing while making sure that the boots do not weigh heavily on the feet.

So, this is definitely a pair of ski boots that combines strength with comfort.


  • Good for narrower feet
  • Memolink reinforced shell
  • Prolite shell
  • Energy Backbone
  • Lightweight

Dalbello Panterra 90 GW Ski Boots 2021

Next on our list today are the Dalbello Panterra Ski boots. They are one of the most well-constructed and comfortable ski boots that you can get right now. The outer shell and cuff of these ski boots are made out of DB Hyperlite while the tongue part of the shell is made out of polyurethane.

Unlike other ski boots the Panterra boots have an additional perk which is the extremely low hinge point on their cuffs. This low hinge point provides the skier with more flexibility and an improved range of motion.

This way the skier has more control over their movements and can perform a smooth glide down any slope.

To maximize comfort, the ski boots are lined with a special sport liner. This liner is made out of moldable foam. When you purchase a new pair of these boots the lining is gently heated so that when you slip your feet into these boots the lining will adjust itself to the size and shape of your feet for that perfect fit.

Another benefit of using Panterra ski boots is that they come with an in-built flex control panel. This allows you to make slight adjustments to the stiffness of the boot so that it is more aligned with your skill level.

Intermediate skiers usually prefer a stiffer boot and the flex control panel allows you to tweak the stiffness to your liking.


  • DB Hyperlite shell and cuff
  • Low cuff hinge point
  • Polyurethane tongue
  • Foam sport liner
  • Flex control panel

Rossignol Track 110 Ski Boots 2021

The Rossignol Track Ski boots are a pretty solid choice of foot gear for any intermediate skier out there. These heavy-duty ski boots have an outer shell and cuff that is made out of polyurethane.

The shell on these boots is designed using a sensor matrix which is a grid positioning feature. This unique characteristic allows for a lightweight boot without compromising on power transmission or stiffness and boot strength.

A custom T2 liner is placed under the outer shell. This liner has additional padding around the ankle area for maximum protection of your joint. While the heel area is made out of stiffer material so that it receives more support and stays securely in place.

A special insulation membrane made out of aluminium is also fitted into the liner. This keep heat locked into the boot so that your feet stay warm even in extremely icy conditions.

Lastly, the Rossignol boots feature a dual mode aluminium lever that allow you to easily switch from ski mode to hiking mode by simply pulling on the tab attached to the lever.


  • Polyurethane shell and cuff
  • Sensor matrix
  • Custom T2 liner
  • Insulation membrane
  • Dual mode aluminium lever

Things to look for when choosing the best intermediate ski boots

Before choosing a ski boot make sure it has:

  • A stiff yet lightweight shell for both comfort and high-performance
  • An adjustable cuff with low hinge point for better range of motion
  • A heat moldable liner for a customized fit
  • Adjustable buckles and a power strap for extra leg support
  • A heat insulation membrane to keep your feet warm
  • A flex rating of around 100


We hope this informative guide will help you choose the best ski boots for intermediate skiers. All the boots on this list have some unique features which help them stand out from the rest. You are sure to find something on this list that suits you perfectly and fulfills all your skiing needs.

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