Best Ski Bindings For Park in 2022 – 2023

If you plan on going skiing anytime soon then you will need to get yourself some heavy-duty ski bindings? A ski binding keeps your ski boot firmly connected to your ski so that you can enjoy a safe skiing experience.

But with so many ski binding options available it can be hard knowing which one to pick? So, to make things easier we have put together this list of the best ski bindings for park that every athlete needs to have in their arsenal.


Best Ski Bindings for Park 2022 – 2023

#1. Salomon STH2 WTR 13

This model is one of the best options for lightweight skiers. If you weigh less than 155lbs and want to do some serious skiing then get yourself a pair of the STH2 WTR 13 right now.

The model features an impressive 3D driver toe which has an elasticity of 52 mm for smooth travelling. The toe also has a multi-directional release mechanism which allows you to move the toe in any direction to lessen the shock of a heavy landing.

This ski binding also has an easy step-in for maximum comfort and progressive transfer pads which dampen the impact of a sudden fall. The 71 mm large platform enables high lateral power transmission so that you can reach incredible speeds even if you are skiing over rough terrain.


  • 52 mm elasticity in toe piece
  • 3D driver toe
  • Easy Step-in
  • 71 mm large platform
  • Progressive transfer pads

#2. Atomic Warden MNC 11

If you are into powder or sidecountry skiing then the Atomic Warden MNC 11 is the ultimate ski binding for you. This particular model is designed to provide a safe skiing experience and comfortable step-in.

It comes with a U-Power Toe that allows the wearer to move their foot in multiple directions for accurate steering over rough terrain.

The great thing about these ski bindings is that they are multi norm certified (MNC). This means that you can use this product with up to 4 different shoe types. This versatile ski binding is compatible with GripWalk soles, Alpine soles, Walk to Ride soles as well as ISO 9523 touring soles.

The Atomic Warden also comes with progressive transfer pads to lessen any possible injury from a sudden impact and freeski brakes that automatically retract on landing. This model also has an SCP Slider Pedal which reduces friction so you can land safely.


  • U-Power Toe
  • Multi Norm Certified
  • Progressive transfer pads
  • SCP Slider Pedal
  • Freeski Brakes

#3. Marker 11.0 TP

The Marker 11.0 is a good ski binding for people who weigh between 65 to 240lbs. So, it is an ideal product for women and teenagers who are looking for a reliable ski binding that does well in deep snow.

It comes with a triple pivot toe piece for multi-directional steering. The overall construction of the toe piece is quite compact. It has an in-built gliding plate with an anti-friction device. Together, the gliding plate and the compact toe piece provide a safe release mechanism for successful landings.

The Marker also has a light heel piece which provides extended connectivity between the ski boot and the ski plate. The heel rail is 43 mm wide which enables better lateral power transmission. This model is compatible with both Alpine and GripWalk soles.


  • Triple Pivot Toe Piece
  • AFD Gliding Plate
  • TCX Light Heel Piece
  • 43 mm heel rail
  • Compatible with multiple sole types

#4. Armada STH2 WTR 16

The Armada STH2 WTR ski bindings are specially designed for expert skiers who are looking for a product that won’t let them down during an intense, advance-level ski ride.  

This particular model features 3D Driver Toe for multi-directional steering and release. At the base of the toe piece is a stomp pedal which transmits every movement made by the skier to the ski plate for efficient and accurate steering.

The Armada also boasts an easy step-in with an audible click so that your shoe is comfortably yet firmly held in place during a ski run. While the XL wings on both sides of the toe piece provide excellent lateral power transmission which makes these ski bindings perfect for use in powdery snow.

The low profile chassis on the ski binding ensures that the distance between your ski boot and the ski plate is minimal so that you can get continuous terrain feedback. This means that you will be alerted to any changes in terrain as you go down a steep mountainside or cliff.


  • 3D Driver Toe
  • Stomp Pedal
  • Easy Step-in
  • XL wings
  • Low Profile Chassis

#5. Tyrolia Attack² 13 GW

The Tyrolia Attack ski bindings are one of the most pocket-friendly options on the market right now. They are great for skiers who are looking for a lightweight yet reliable ski binding for free style skiing.

This brand will not disappoint skiers no matter what the terrain is like because these bindings maintain their performance even in deep snow.

This model has an FR Pro Toe Piece that is guaranteed to provide extremely easy step-in. An anti-friction device is also provided with the toe piece. This anti-friction device is made of metal and is 77 mm wide.

It ensures that skiers land safely even if they experience a sudden shock or fall. These ski bindings work well with both Alpine and GripWalk soles so the product is pretty versatile and adapts itself to different sole types.

The Tyrolia ski bindings also feature an NX FR Heel Piece which is actually made up of a combination of 3 different specially designed pieces. Its unique heel piece construction allows the Tyrolia to provide maximum stability and power transmission.


  • FR Pro Toe Piece
  • Easy Step-in
  • 77 mm anti-friction device
  • Compatible with different sole types
  • NX FR Heel piece


That’s a wrap on this list of the best ski bindings for park available in 2021. No matter what your skiing needs you are sure to find a model on this list that will satisfy you, and provide both comfort and safety during intense ski rides.

So, what are you waiting for? Go, get the perfect ski bindings for yourself and enjoy some thrilling ski rides.