Best Race Skis 2023 – Top 5 Skis for Racing

The best race skis must be one that is able to handle a variety of difficult terrains, provide a smooth ride without compromising on grip, and be incredibly sturdy.

To help you through the process of finding the best race skis in 2023, we have curated a list of only the best of the best for you. All of the race skis featured on this list have performed incredibly well on the market and are well worth their price tag. So, without further ado, let’s get into it, shall we?


Best Race Skis 2023

#1. Stöckli Montero AX Skis 2023Check Price
#2. Völkl Katana V.Werks Skis 2023Check Price
#3. Dynastar M-Free 108 Skis 2023Check Price
#4. Blizzard Bonafide 97 Skis 2023Check Price
#5. Nordica Enforcer 94 Skis 2023Check Price

#1. Stöckli Montero AX Skis 2023

It doesn’t get better than the Stöckli Montero AX Skis 2023, which is why it is our first pick. It definitely doesn’t get better than this; with incredible features combined with expert manufacturing, these race skis are definitely worth the price.

All the different components of this race ski come together to give you the best experience. How’s that? One great example is its rocker design, where the tail is designed to reduce the level of contact at the edge of the tail whereas, the tip is designed in a way that allows these race skis to use up lower effort during turns and helps the skis to float better in the snow.

The Stockli Montero AX Skis also have a light core, a titanal top sheet with a solid and sturdy base made of graphite. Its tail type is flat and it features no bindings, which makes it ideal for advanced skiers.


  • Light core
  • Contact length that is adaptive
  • Titanal technology
  • Full Pollywall sidewall
  • Graphite base
  • Flat tail

#2. Völkl Katana V.Werks Skis 2023

Cut out the fat and add some major muscle to your race skiing technique with the Volkl Katana V.Werks skis. These race skis are super lean, which makes them ideal for terrains where you might have to deal with some hard-to-reach spaces. Of course, they’re incredibly sturdy and so are able to deal with some rough snowy terrain.

So, you won’t be compromising on strength despite the lean design. The core and center of the skis are just as thick as the others, however, these race skis taper off and are, therefore, incredibly light.

The best part is that these race skis help in minimizing the amount of snow buildup, made possible due to the ice-off top sheets. This makes racing much easier.


  • 3-dimensional ridge carbon construction
  • Ice-off top sheets
  • Multilayer wooden core
  • Strong power transmission

#3. Dynastar M-Free 108 Skis 2023

The Dynastar M-Free 108 skis are unmatched in both aesthetics and performance. These race skis are particularly ideal for snowy terrain that is both steep and has sharp, unpredictable turns.

This is made possible particularly due to the sintered high-definition base, which allows for an incredible glide across any kind of terrain. The waisted design is 180 millimeters, which means that it’s got an ample amount of surface area and a great mid-fat edge hold.

There is no way that you won’t end up as a placeholder within the race with these race skis.


  • Partial twin tip
  • No bindings
  • Medium turning radius
  • Sandwich full sidewalls
  • Torsion box made of fiberglass

#4. Blizzard Bonafide 97 Skis 2023

The Blizzard Bonafide 97 skis are the real deal. Just like its name suggests, these race skis are perfect when you’re 8 inches deep in snow and just waiting to race down a mountain. There is no blizzard that the Blizzard Bonafide can’t handle.

The design of this race ski allows it to be incredibly versatile, both in terms of its user’s expert level and the terrain. Your ride on these race skis will be nothing but smooth and don’t even get us started on how fast you can go on these race skis.

Despite your ride is incredibly smooth and fast, you will never have to worry about the skis losing their grip.


  • Rocker Camber Rocker
  • Trueblend wooden core
  • Anti-shock layer
  • Sintered graphite base
  • Medium turning radius
  • Partial twin tip

#5. Nordica Enforcer 94 Skis 2023

The Nordica Enforcer 94 skis are perfect for every type of skier. Whether you’re a novice or advanced, you can never go wrong with the cult classic, that is, the Nordica Enforcer 94.

This race ski is actually available in a variety of different widths, which makes it popular amongst the skiing masses. Not to mention that no matter what the conditions might be, you would always be able to find the perfect version of the Nordica Enforcer 94 race ski.

These race skis are incredibly sturdy and the design features two titanal sheets along with reinforced carbon chassis. Looking at the design, it’s no surprise that this race ski made it onto the list.


  • True Tip Technology
  • Sintered graphite base
  • ABS plastic tip
  • Full-length carbon strips
  • Medium turning radius
  • Partial twin tip


Going through this list we are sure you would have found the best race ski for yourself. We believe that you deserve the best of the best and hope this list made the entire process of finding the good race skis a lot more easy and time efficient.