The Best Never Summer Snowboards 2021! Which One to Select?

Located in Denver, Colorado factory, every snowboard is handcrafted at their factory. Initiated its operations in 1991, Never Summer has now gained much respect in society because of its amazing snowboards. Here are the best Never Summer snowboards 2021.

Best never summer snowboards 2021

PictureNever Summer Snowboards 
Proto Synthesis X 2021View on evo
Harpoon 2021View on evo
Lady West - Women's 2021View on evo
Insta​/Gator Snowboard 2020View on evo
Ripsaw X 2021View on evo

Proto Synthesis X Snowboard 2021

It’s not just a simple snowboard! It’s the boss of all.

Proto Synthesis X has its own class. It features a shock wave rocker camber with the power and energy so you can slay the whole mountains. You get longer camber spaces below your binding which gives you increased pop with amazing stability. There’s also an extended transition area that improves the starts and ends of the turns.

With a 6 flex rating and 6 dampness rating, you can live your dream. For the shape, you get vario power grip sidecut. It uses different radii thus producing maximum contact points which augment edge hold. There’s also a low profile tip/ tail that increases material contact with snow and provides extra power with stability and pop.

When it comes to the core, it has the superlight wood core which is the custom blend of different wood species. Though they are light weighted their durability is tested to be really high.

There’s a huge list of laminates for this snowboard. First, you get a recluse web carbon layup that stiffens the boards at the ends for stability and holding pressure. Then there’s b-lite fiberglass, it gives extra strength and allows enjoying freestyle without compromising durability. Further, to reduce vibration and increasing speed stability, there are elastomeric underfoot stabilizers.

The list still continues with the RDS 2 damping system that gives the combo of stability, vibration, and absorption with its three layers. Also, there’s the world’s best snowboard fiberglass i.e. STS pretensioned fiberglass. It gives extra grip to all the layers to enhance the strength of the board overall with better performance. Finally, there’s a tip/ tail damper that quiets the tail and nose without lowering the board’s playfulness.

And that’s not all; you get an amazing base, sidewalls, edges, and top sheet too. So, when you really want to make a statement with your riding, go for Proto synthesis X.

Harpoon Snowboard 2021

For all kinds of conditions, this shortboard, with a mid-fat waist and a tapered tail, gives you the performance of your life.

Having fusion rocker camber to get going, you receive amazing pop, awesome turns, and astonishing float. This fusion provides the combo of fluidity and fun. With an extended transition area, you will have the profile that makes turn simple and easy powder floatation. Also, there’s an early rise nose.

The flex rating is 5 and the dampness rating is 5 as well. With the vario power grip sidecut, multiple radii are used to make more contact points which give better edge hold. There’s also a flat point in the rocker area to enhance the contact point. The core is Superlight wood core which is NS’s special. It gives the lightest weight to the core but the strength is unparalleled.

The laminates are diverse in this board. Starting with carbon max laminate technology you get more carbon to enhance performance and power. Thanks to the world’s best snowboard fiberglass i.e. STS pretensioned fiberglass, you get better bond between glass laminates which enhances strength and power.

Then comes the b-lite fiberglass. It also augments the strength while making sure that you can enjoy your freeride and freestyle snowboarding. The RDS 2 dampening system uses three laminated layers so you can have ideal vibration, stability, and absorption. With the elastomeric underfoot stabilizer, you don’t feel fatigued and get enhanced vibration absorption with better speed and stability.

The Durasurf XT sintered base makes this board super-fast. It also features a full wrap metal edge with sintered p-tex sidewalls so that the lower temperatures don’t harm the board at all. The P-tex UHMW plastic in the top sheet not only protects the wood inside but also lowers impacts and vibrations.

All in all, with this snowboard, you don’t have to be worried about any limitations.

Lady West Snowboard – Women’s 2021

To meet the riding needs of the expert ladies, the Lady West is well-equipped with everything to make snowboarding more fun.

Having the fusion rocker camber provides perfect turns with ideal holds. It offers fluidity and fun together. There’s the extended transition area that enhances powder flotation with better turn starts.

With the vario power grip, you can use multiple radii producing better contact points for improved control. You also get a low-profile nose and tail to enhance the board contact with the snow.  It has a flex rating of 7 which means you cannot argue with their stability. But there’s a dampness rating as well of 5 which makes it lively enough.

Like other Never Summer snowboards, you have the NS superlight wood core. It is the custom blends of different woods and provides extra strength with functionality.

When it comes to the laminates, you will have reluse web carbon layup which adds springs, stability to the board with better snap at turns. There’s also bi-lite fiberglass that adds strength along with durability without lowering the freestyle performing abilities of the board.

There are also elastomeric underfoot stabilizers that keep the vibration at the lowest and provides extra stability when you are speeding up. The RDS 2 dampening system also lowers the vibration and provides stability but with balance, so you can enjoy your freeride style.

With the sintered P-tex sidewalls and durasurf sintered base, this snowboard you get the best board that lets you be playful without any fatigue.

Insta​/Gator Snowboard 2020

When you want to have limitless fun when snowboarding, Insta/ Gator makes sure that you only get the best.

For the rocker type, it has a fusion rocker camber with an early rise nose. The fusion RC gives the best turns with edge gripping hold. There’s an extended transition area as well that puts a small flat area in the board and allows you to enjoy better turn initiation along with powder flotation.

Further, you get mid dampness rating with a flex rating, so you can enjoy your stability. With the vario power grip sidecut shape, you get different radiuses to have more contact points to gain extra edge hold. Overall, the shape is designed to enhance performance.

The core is superlight wood core which is NS special. It gives the lightest weight among all the cores but with better durability. The carbon max laminate technology adds more carbon to the board which will lead to better performance. It also features the world’s best snowboard fiberglass i.e. STS pretensioned fiberglass. It gives the board amazing strength and performance with extra edge hold.

The bi-lite fiberglass further increases the strength. With the RD2 damping system and elstomeric underfoot stabilizers, you don’t have to be worried about the vibration absorption at all. No matter what the temperature is, the sintered sidewalls never disappoint you.

Overall, this snowboard is highly durable and lightweight and allows you to enjoy even the harsh weather.

Ripsaw X Snowboard 2021

With the speedy base and high stability, the Ripsaw X is the board with the brains.

This snowboard features a ripsaw rocker camber that gives you perfect pop and aggressive hold. It also has an extended transition area that makes turns better along with powder flotation. The flex rating is 8 which means it’s really stiff and provides better stability. As it is for the advanced levels, maneuverability and stability run together.

With the vario power grip sidecut, you get extra contact points for improved edge hold. Also, there’s a low profile tip/ tail to augment material contact with the snow to gain better stability and pop.

There’s a superlight wood core which is the special blend of different woods to offer the best strength to the core today. Thanks to the carbon VXR laminate technology you get quick responses with extra pop and boost. STS pretensioned fiberglass is the best fiberglass in the world. It gives extra strength to this board along with performance.

Thanks to the RDS 2 damping system and the elastomeric underfoot stabilizers, you don’t feel the vibration and get better stability. Its high-density base is very fast and adds durability with performance.  Altogether, this snowboard is made to show that when the snowboard is in the right hands, everyone can be a superstar.

Pros and cons of this board brands


  • Highly durable with their unique wood making blend
  • The ideal shape for perfect performance
  • Increased life span
  • Amazing built-quality
  • Beautiful and meaningful graphics


  • a bit expensive than usual brands


Never Summer has completed the three decades of manufacturing snowboard. Their experience and innovative design provide the best snowboarding experience to their users. If you want to see what miracles their boards have then you must try riding the one.

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