The 5 Best Longboard Surfboards 2019

Longboard surfing is one of the most fun ocean sports. Longboard allows surfers to ride the waves in a graceful and elegant fashion, with plenty of maneuvers and action. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider, it is important that you ride the right longboard surfboard to make the most out of the sport.

After hard work, researching, ask professional surfers we have find the 5 best longboard surfboards. With this cool list, we are sure that you will be able to make an informed decision when get a quality longboard in this season.

the best longboard surfboards

Top 5 Best Longboard Surfboards Review

#1. Walden Surfboards Mega Magic 2 SLX

The Walden Mega Magic 2 SLX features one of the most popular Walden surfboard designs. This board comes with a slightly shorter design compared to the original Mega Magic board.

Walden has used EPS core with a timber stringer in the construction. With its new design, the Mega Magic 2 surfboard comes with an increased volume.

With a shorter size and a greater volume, the longboard surfboard still offers plenty of stability and float. It is available in length options of 7 foot 2 inches, 8 foot, 9 foot, and 9 foot 6 inches. The center is sized at 23.5 inches in 7 foot 2 inches and 8 foot models. The 9-foot size features a 24-inches center while the 9 foot 6 inches model features a 24.5-inches model.

The Mega Magic 2 board features redistributed volume so that it is about an inch thicker and 1 to 2 inches wider. It also weighs less compared to the original Mega Magic which makes for a more maneuverable and high-performance board.

Thanks to its unique design, this surfboard is incredibly responsive. It is also perfect for riding in a variety of conditions and is right for both beginners and advanced riders.

#2. Creative Army Seahorse PU Surfboard

The Creative Army Seahorse PU Surfboard is a throwback to the classic days of longboard surfboarding. It features a simple yet elegant and stylish single fin design. With a full template, the Seahorse PU features a low rocker and soft rails.

The surfboard is constructed using polyurethane material. Its profile is a traditional rocker which makes this board perfect for nose ride, fluid turns and a wide range of other fun on the waves. The low rocker enables you to maintain stability while pulling off those harder lines and maneuvers.

Seahorse PU is available in length options of 9 foot 2 inches and 9 foot 8 inches. The thickness at the center for each model is 2.75 inches and 3 inches respectively.

One of the most distinct features of this model is its looks. Like its design, the looks are also reminiscent of the classic surfboarding days. Available in three fresh, aqua-themed looks, you have plenty of choice when it comes to Seahorse PU.

#3. Modern Surfboards Retro PU

The Modern Surfboards Retro PU is another excellent longboard surfboard for this season. The board features a fairly wide design and offers excellent stability. It is categorized as a flat entry rocker that offers plenty of glide and flow.

This surfboard is available in length options of 9 foot 1 inches and 9 foot 6 inches. The thickness of the two versions is 3.25 inches and 3.375 inches respectively. It is available in two awesome color options – Tone Blue and Tone Green.

Modern Surfboards has constructed this board using polyurethane material. With long and parallel rails, this board offers a fairly huge space on which to stand and walk. The design of the board makes it great for fast paddling and flowing. The board also offers good maneuverability thanks to a slight lift in its tail section.

#4. StormBlade 9FT Storm Blade

The StormBlade 9FT Storm Blade longboard surfboard is primarily geared at the beginner and intermediate riders, although more seasoned riders can also have a lot of fun with it. StormBlade has construction this surfboard with an EPS core together with 3x Marine ply stringers.

The design of this surfboard features a well-calibrated thickness which ensures good stability and performance in most riding conditions. The construction of the board features a high-grade High Density Polyethylene slick bottom.

The 9FT Storm Blade surfboard is available in four sizes from 10 foot to 7 foot. Whether you are just getting started with longboard surfboarding or aiming to take your skills from beginner level to intermediate level, this board is a great choice. It is available in two stunning color options – aqua green and oceanic blue.

#5. Odysea Catch Surf Plank Single Fin Longboard

Another excellent longboard surfboard that has made it to our 2019 top list is the Odysea Catch Surf Plank single fin longboard. The company manufactures a wide range of surfboards every year and the single-fin Plank board is one of its best offerings for this season.

Plank surfboard features a stiff dual composite core together with highly durable triple maple-ply stringers. On the bottom, the board has HDPE slick bottom. There is no board mesh and the board tail has a crescent design. The combo composite core of the board ensures that it is highly durable and offers good stability and performance through most riding conditions.

The Plank surfboard is available in four sizes – 6 foot with a 64-litre volume rating, 7 foot with a 72-litre volume rating, 8 foot with an 86-litre volume rating and 9 foot with a 98-litre volume rating.

Thanks to its simple yet functional design, this surfboard offers tons of float and enables you to catch waves easily for riding. The board is available in two stunning color options – a neat dark green and another version with red-and-white stripe design.

This board from Odysea is one of the more affordable surfboards of this season. This makes it especially great for the riders who want to get started on the waves with a limited budget.

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