What Makes These Boards the Best Lib Tech Snowboards 2021

the best lib tech snowboardsWe have made the list of the best Lib Tech snowboards 2021 so you can have the most astonishing snowboarding experience this year.

Snowboarding is fun only when you use the right equipment. Hitting snow with the Lib Tech snowboard makes things automatically awesome.

Lib Technologies or Lib Tech is one of the world’s famous snowboard brand known for the best boards having unique technologies and designs. Lib Tech is part of Mervin Manufacturing. All of their boards are magical as they are made with great enthusiasm and determination.

Best lib tech snowboards for 2021

PictureLib Tech Snowboards Our Rating
Lib Tech TRS C3 2021View on evo5/5
Lib Tech Skate Banana BTX 2021View on evo4.9/5
Lib Tech Cortado C2 - Women's 2021View on evo4.8/5

Lib Tech TRS HP Snowboard Mens

This snowboard has everything that you expect from a Lib Tech board.

Being a member of a TRS (Total Ripper Series), this snowboard is made for all-mountain freestyle performance. This board has a horsepower construction with its core consists of aspen 60% and paulownia 40%. Also, it features tri ax/ bi-ax glass with basalt.

With the eco sublimated bio beans top and the eco sublimated TNT base, its maintenance becomes really easy and fast. Overall, it is a lightweight snowboard with a strong construction so you can maneuver with fun. Anthony Hurd’s beautiful art makes it go with everyone’s style. Additionally, Lib Tech’s Magne-Traction technology adds 7 teeth along the length of the edge and sidecut to give the hold like no other.

Furthermore, it has birch internal and UHMW sintered sidewalls. This snowboard has a shortened rocker with a lengthen camber that rips almost everything.  The flex of this board is medium and gives the amazing feeling that keeps you get going in the snow. It is perfectly designed to meet the needs of the expert and intermediate players to enjoy their performance without any hindrance.

Whether you are riding for fun or there’s a competition ahead, this snowboard can surely present a win-win situation in all. It can make you win medals in all major disciplines and every terrain possible. Simply, this board is the complete package of control, float and precision.

Lib Tech Burtner Box Scratcher Mens Snowboard

With this amazing snowboard, the multiverse is your terrain park.

The Jesse Burtner Box Scratcher is what you need to have creative freestyle fun. It fulfills your every day, every mountain, and every condition needs.

This snowboard has original power construction that doesn’t only make it light and strong but also very awesome for our environment. The core is made from 75% aspen and 25% paulownia. Also, it features tri-ax and bi-ax fiber. Every feature of this board is made just perfect.

Additionally, to make things even better, this board has the eco sublimated poly top with an eco sublimated strong sintered base. It also comes with a flat-kick nose and tail. All these features provide outstanding flex with the retooled shape to let you have the ultimate snowboarding experience. Thanks to Lib Tech’s Magne-Traction technology, the hold is also super amazing. These teeth make sure you get the perfect ride.

This board has the best contour to learn on. From day 1 to the day you become a pro, this snowboard can become your everyday partner. With its mild camber, snowboarding seems really easy. Even when you are just starting your snowboarding adventures, this board is the best to hop on.

Lib Tech Skate Banana Mens

It’s a revolutionary snowboard that meets all the needs of modern snowboarding.

Having original power construction, this board is ideal for all-mountain freestyle. Its core has 75% aspen and 25% paulownia. This snowboard features an award-winning Banana Tech rocker/camber contour that has completely changed snowboarding and taken it to the new heights of modernization.

Its design literally rips them all; whether you need to enjoy hardpack or want to float in powder, this snowboard makes things easy and fun.  It is very light yet one of the strongest boards you have ever ridden on.

This snowboard is environmentally nice with all of its outstanding construction. It contains tri-ax and bi-ax fiber glass with the eco sublimated poly top. It needs low maintenance, thanks to its eco sublimated TNT. Further, it has birch internal sidewalls and UHMW sintered sidewalls.

When you are just starting snowboarding, this board can help you with achieving every milestone in the easiest and most fun way. And that’s not just it! You can continue your awesome maneuvers on the same board when you reach the advanced level.

Overall, this snowboard can make your snowboarding fun with the features that you have always dreamt of. For the beginners, it is one ultimate board to progress on.

Lib Tech Cortado Snowboard Womens

Designed specifically for women snowboarders, this snowboard is well-equipped to give powerful low-fatigue rides.

With the low entry nose, this board can float smoothly in the pow and curd. It’s a directional all-terrain mid-wide board that is made with perfection. The board has the original power construction having  75% aspen and 25% paulownia core and also tri-ax/ bi-ax fiber glass.

Moreover, this board has the non-compis mentis texture eco sublimated poly top with the fast and low maintaining eco sublimated base, everyone’s favorite!

The serrated steak knife technology makes the riding more fun. Also, it features Magne-traction that gives the effortless edge hold. It is the perfect combination of control, float, and precision. It is Mervin made and makes zero hazardous waste.

The looks of this board are also outstanding. It has a stunning view of the sunrise from the Saas-Fee, Switzerland mountain top captured beautifully by the photographer Tim Zimmerman.  To give it all the amazing features, it is handcrafted with great care near Canada in the USA. All in all, this snowboard is really super amazing and allows you to perform your best only.

Are Lib Tech snowboards good?

Lib Tech produces environment friendly snowboards. The company has replaced toxic ABS plastic with recyclable polyethylene. It also makes further changes for environmental sustainability while making their boards.  But with the environment safe methods, their boards are no lesser in performance.

Two technologies of Lib Tech snowboards make them completely unique.

  • Magne-Traction: Most of the Lib Tech snowboards have the technology of the future. They don’t have smooth and long edge and sidewall, they have the Magne-Traction technology instead. They have a serrated edge having seven bumps in total in the sidewall. The three largest teeth are present between your feet adding ultimate control and balance and less aggressive teeth between the front foot and contact area to add extra hold. But the tails and tips are loose for the freestyle ride. The technology has collected many awards since its introduction and gained much appreciation by the snowboarders. It has won over 20 Future magazine awards and about 15 Transworld Good Wood awards.
  • Banana Technology: It is also the latest technology that redesigned the snowboard’s shape and makes it more efficient. It has a unique shape as the camber is arcing downward and not upward like in the traditional boards. It gives life to the dead zone and lets the board float flawlessly. It is more appreciated by the customers and increased the company’s sale of these boards by 81%. The boards which have banana technology gained many awards as well including Good Wood Test awards, SIA Snowpress Innovation awards, and Future Snowboard Magazine awards.

Where are Lib Tech snowboards made?

Lib Tech makes its super famous snowboards at the manufacturing base present near Sequim, Washington that adds the tag of made in the USA to all their products.

Should I wax my new Lib Tech snowboard?

Well, mostly, the Lib Tech snowboards are ‘Factory Waxed’. That means you don’t have to wax them when you use them for the first time. But, it depends on many things. Your new board might not come to your hand right away and it might have been sitting on a shelf for a long time. There could be other reasons for it to be drying out before the first ride. So, if it feels dry, it is nice to wax your new Lib Tech snowboard.


Lib Tech’s snowboards are made in coordination with the world’s best athletes. The hand-on craftsmanship also enhances their extreme features. They are environment friendly yet they are the most efficient board you can ride today. They are the safest and highly reliable. Their environment-friendly production gives the maximum material yields with repurposing and recycling.

The list of Lib Tech’s praises is huge. You can only know what makes these snowboards different from others when you use them. The person who once chooses the Lib Tech snowboard doesn’t find fun in any other because of their unique shape and ultimate performance. However, to try, it is a must to have one today.

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