Which Are The Best Fish Surfboards of 2019 – For Newbies and Advanced

Durable, stable, quality-production, perfect design, and comfortable, many fish surfboards dominate the sea with these qualities this year. However, how to know which one is the best is a bit tricky. I have compiled the list of best fish surfboards 2019 with Thusro Surf leading my list with its great features.

which are the best fish surfboards

Best Fish Surfboards 2019 – Top 5 Review

#1. THURSO SURF Lancer 5’10”

Strong, stable, durable, light, buoyant, and well cushioned, it is a perfect fish soft top surfboard for the kids having the weight of up to 200 lbs.

THURSO SURF Lancer has the length of 5 feet 10 inches with 20 inches width and 2.75 inches thickness. The board is specifically made by keeping in mind the stability of the rider while surfing. It provides optimum enjoyment for hours of surfing fun.

The board is designed to be buoyant and very light – the high-density EPS core is the secret which is long lasting and tough.

Every inch of the board has been carefully constructed. HDPE slick bottom not only augments the toughness of the board but also increases the board speed. The board is made comfortable for the rider by using durable IXPE deck.

Other than these, this board has two fins to make it more stable, two rigid wood stringers to enhance control, along with an adjustable fin box to allow quick transition in performance and easy transportation.

Overall, this board is ideal for the surfers who want more hold and comfort when they tackle the waves.

#2. Wave Bandit Ben Gravy

Endorsed by Ben Gravy himself, it is a high-performance fish surfboard that is ideal for the newbie surfers and experts alike.

Having a composite core with twin wood stringers makes it a really tough board. It has a high-density slick bottom. Leash plug and fins are included with the surfboard.

Wave Bandit is literally for all kinds of waves conditions – whether a surfer wants to enjoy small river waves or big sea waves, the board is ready to take it all. This board literally fulfills the motto of the company ‘Surf’s Up Everywhere!’.

This board takes the second spot in my list because I trust Ben Gravy and his adventures of traveling, music, and surfing. It is no doubt that it is the best fun surfboard available in three different sizes.

#3. Rock-It 5’8″ Albert Surfboard

Rock-It Albert Surfboard is the best seller of the Rock-It as it is ideally fun and good for the kids and young adults alike.

Those who are looking for the surfboard to step into the world of surfing, for them, Albert is the finest option available. If the surfer has the weight of up to 175 lbs, this board definitely provides a go-go situation.

This surfboard is the ideal for balance because of its big size of 5 feet and 8 inches to catch and enjoy the coming waves and also small enough to paddle and carry it when required. It has the perfect width of 20.5 inches and a thickness of 2.5 inches.

The core of this board is made utilizing the recycled EPS foam. The board is design in such a way that it gives the optimum volume to make it super-floaty. It is a mixture of simple design and amazing style.

To augment the durability of the board, it has 6 oz fiberglass cloth under its soft top which makes it comfortable as well.

#4. JK Surfboards The Big Boy Fish 7ft

It is specifically made for the big boys who wish to catch the big waves with the big board. With the sanded finish and 5-fin features, this board is one of the best from JK Surfboards.

This Big Boy Fish is the on-demand board of the company having larger sizes – 8 feet for bigger boys, 7 feet 3 inches for the riders having 200 lbs, and 6 feet 8 inches for the 185 lbs. It is designed in a way that it paddles swiftly and allows late drops at ideal times.

This fish board maximizes the fun as it makes the smooth turns and goes faster when needed. With the 5 fin setup, this board could be enjoyed as the thruster or a quad. It is made using a fine high-grade material to make this board long-lasting and tough enough to take the rough waves of the sea.

#5. Kona Surf Co The 5-5 Soft Foam Short Softboard Surfboard

This Kona Surf Co’s board is the last but not the least in my list. Ideal for all skill levels, this fish board has the ability to tackle the waves for the whole day.

Having the size of the five feet five inches, this surfboard offers enough volume that doesn’t miss the wave and allows easy paddling. Because of its amazing construction, it is not a typical surfboard. With swallowtail and the wide point tucked, this board lets the surfer enjoy maximum performance.

Its fins are removable; either make it a thruster or twin fin setup, it is the rider’s choice. It also allows the surfer to ride without fins. Its IXPE deck has double EPO and XPE layers with two stringers inside. Its bottom is HDPE slick. Overall, this fish surfboard is the combination of great features and great design. Available in different styles, the surfer could select the one that goes with his taste.

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