Best Burton Snowboards for 2020 – Top 5 With Quick Reviews

about best burton snowboardsBurton is the leading brand when it comes to snowboards. In this article, we take a quick look at the best Burton snowboards for 2020.

Snowboard season kickstarts at the turn of the year and goes well into the late April days. Before this year’s season comes up, it is time to brush up your skills and equip yourself with the right snowboard.

You will find virtually endless snowboards on the market and online. The trick is to go with one that offers genuine quality and performance. We will talk about Burton in this article.

Best Burton Snowboards for 2020 Reviews

PictureBurton Snowboard Our Rating
Flight AttendantCheck Price5/5
Deep ThinkerCheck Price5/5
Talent Scout Snowboard WomensCheck Price4.9/5
Ripcord SnowboardCheck Price4.9/5

#1. Flight Attendant

The Burton Flight Attendant is excellent snowboard from the company this season. This board comes with an all-mountain design with the right features to ride virtually any terrain easily.

This snowboard is designed to ride equally well on hard-pack and pow terrain. The entry rocker design lets you lift the snowboard’s nose with the slightest pressure. At the same time, you are able to maintain stability thanks to the camber zones under both feet.

The Flight Attendant snowboard comes with a 10mm taper. It has a classic directional shape which lets you get the hang of the board quickly and easily. This also makes it an excellent choice for both starters and intermediate players.

The sidecut on the snowboard are positioned so that they are perfectly centered on your stance. This creates a twin freestyle feel for riders who want to have a more free-spirited go at snowboarding.

Within the core of the Flight Attendant, Burton has used its trademark Squeezebox profile. This unique profile enables the core to pack more energy, pop and control. As a result, you get to experience a snowboard that is both responsive and stable.

#2. Deep Thinker

The Burton Deep Thinker is an all-mountain and park snowboard. With this snowboard, you can launch hot laps anytime in the park, on the pipe or on virtually any mountainside terrain. Such versatility makes this snowboard a great choice.

Much like the Flight Attendant board above, the Deep Thinker snowboard packs an entry rocker that lets the nose lift easily. This is counterbalanced by the camber zones in the board that optimize stability and control through the curves and turns.

Burton has packed more flex in the tail of this snowboard while adding more strength to the tip. The two features together makes for a snowboard that offers responsiveness as well as control on all terrains. The board itself is perfect for riders who like to have a medium to stiff flex, offering a good combination of comfortable fun and hard riding.

Inside the core of this snowboard, Burton has used FSC certified Super Fly II 700G core. Thanks to this material, the core comes with more energy and pop. At the same time, Burton has utilized wood varieties that are stronger and lighter in constructing the core. This reduces the overall weight of the snowboard.

#3. Talent Scout Snowboard Womens

The Burton Talent Scout snowboard is designed to be perfect for all-mountain and park terrains. The focus of this snowboard is a camber profile which offers superior performance and better stability.

The Talent Scout packs a perfectly symmetrical design. This means that it can be ridden in both regular and switch modes. The symmetry enables the riders to maintain excellent stability while enjoying an exceptional degree of mobility.

The camber profile in this snowboard makes for a balanced riding experience. The camber distributes the weight of the riders across the length of the board. At the same time, it offers more pop and precision.

The Squeezebox profile also offers more energy and resilience in the core of this snowboard. Burton has designed the core to be lightweight and durable – and this basic philosophy permeates throughout the board’s design. The core radiates the energy of the rider from the beneath the feet towards the tips and edges. This enables the Talent Scout board to be more snappy and controllable.

In addition to its wide range of features, the Talent Scout board also features a unique outlook with stunning graphics. The design is specifically geared at women riders.

#4. Ripcord Snowboard

The Burton Ripcord is an all-mountain snowboard. This board is perfectly suitable for both advancing beginners as well as intermediate riders.

The Ripcord features a flat top design. This enables better control over the board as well as better stability and edge control. Burton has used a directional shape in this board which makes it easy to ride in virtually any snow condition or terrain. The board packs a softer flex which lets you enjoy the ride more. The Ripcord snowboard is available in a wide range of size options.

#5. Custom Flying V

One of the most popular snowboard line-up from Burton is the Custom series. The new offering in the line-up, Flying V board, is a class apart indeed. This meticulously designed snowboard is an all-mountain snowboard that combines an excellent array of features.

Flying V snowboard combines the best of both rocker and camber performances. Just between and outside your feet, a rocker profile offers great float and easy fun on the go. Deeper into the board, Burton has also incorporated subtle camber zones into the board. These allow for powerful turns and better edge-control.

Flying V packs a perfectly balanced flex from tip to tail. The core is profiled and makes use of a combination of thicker and thinner core sections. Together, the intersecting sections makes for a core that offers more power, pop and control.

This snowboard is also a throwback to the classic snowboard design. It has a slightly longer nose than tail. As a result, you get to experience optimum pop in the tail while enjoying a great degree of control and float on virtually any terrain.

Burton has used FSC certified material in the construction of the core. By using woods that are both lighter and stronger, the core supports every aspect of the board including pop, energy and flow.

Is Burton a good snowboard brand?

Burton is regarded as one of the best snowboard brands. It is used by beginners as well as professionals and elite riders across the world. As of today, Burton is one of the largest snowboard brands in the world.

Burton snowboards are known for packing advanced features and cutting-edge design. The company offers its snowboard across all skill levels so that its snowboards have a universal appeal.

Why you should choose Burton Snowboards?

Burton snowboards build upon the company’s expertise in the industry for well over three decades. Many of the snowboard champions and elite players not only use these snowboards, they also help the company design them.

As a result, Burton snowboards are incredibly intuitive and offer just the right features, no matter what skill level you are at. The price tags of Burton snowboards are another reason to choose them. These snowboards don’t cost too much and deliver a professional performance at a rather affordable price.

Who are Burton Snowboards suitable for?

Burton snowboards are suitable for beginners, intermediate users and the professional riders. Burton offers standard snowboard line-up that come with an attractive price tag and a good range of features.

Then the company has several limited edition line-ups which are geared at the more hardcore snowboarding community.

The limited edition snowboards from Burton typically pack more advanced features combined with a more classic appeal.

Beside snowboard, what are other gears that Burton provides?

Over the years, Burton has expanded its offerings to include a huge range of outwear, much of it specifically associated with snowboarding.

Apart from the snowboard itself, the company offers snowboard boots, bindings, jackets and thermal pants. In addition, you can also get Burton helmets and other protective accessories to ensure a safer riding experience.

If you want to carry your gear when going for a ride, you can also get the perfect board bags and snow packs from the company.


If you are looking for a great snowboard, you will likely find it among the Burton line-ups highlighted above. One of the stand-out features of the Burton boards is their sheer versatility.

However, you must do your due diligence before making a decision. You will need to consider the length, intended use, your own skill level, weight and other factors when choosing the right snowboard.

Better still, try to use a snowboard on a demo run at a slope to see how it feels. The best snowboard is the one that feels just right when you ride it.

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