Best Burton Bindings for 2021 – Top 4 Best Option for Any Snowboarding Rider Out There!

the best burton bindingsNow let us take an in-depth look at the Best burton bindings for 2021 and explore their features which make them stand out from the rest.

Burton was founded back in 1977 and since then the company has dedicated its efforts as well as resources to developing state-of-the-art equipment for snowboarding.

Burton believes in incorporating feedback of innovators and players from across the world in all its products.

Best Burton Bindings for 2021

Whether you’re a woman gliding through tough snow terrain or a man looking for stability, Burton has got a binding for everyone!

PictureBurton Bindings Our Rating
Burton Escapade - Women's 2021View on evo5/5
Burton Genesis EST 2021View on evo4.9/5
Burton Malavita 2021View on evo4.8/5
Burton Mission 2021View on evo4.7/5

Burton Escapade Bindings Womens

Escapade is the perfect combination of control with comfort. These bindings are specifically made for female snowboarders.

It has a single-component baseplate which means that there’s a single material used from heel to toe. To be more precise, Escapade is made out of 30% composite material.

It allows for a consistent feel throughout the binding. The Re:FLEX disc system on the baseplate gives more flexibility. The overall weight of this baseplate is reduced with the help of Living Hinge and a minimized and cored design.

It’s then connected to an ergonomic Canted Hi-back that naturally hugs the contours of your leg. You can easily lean back or forward, as per your requirements, with the help of a MicroFLAD and a Zero Forward Lean design. At the heel, there’s a kickback hammock which has a two-piece design for enhanced response and lesser judder.

Your feet stays fatigue-less and comfortable, thanks to its Re:FLEX AutoCANT FullBed cushioning system. This system use Dual-Density EVA for a natural feel and comfort. It includes B3 Gel and under-baseplate dampening pad, both of which offer a reduction in vibration in case of harsh impacts. Its B3 Gel also helps in keeping the cushion soft even in extreme weather.

Burton definitely knows how to design a binding for women. With its Women’s-Specific True Fit design, the company ensures that whenever a female used these bindings, her feet a properly secured in place without any extra space or movement.

For the ankles, there’s a stitch less, curved and ultra-responsive Hammockstrap. Its’ Flex Slider makes pushing and pulling of straps easy and speedy. A perfect toe fit is achieved with the help of Supergrip Capstrap.

This strap has a stiff material at the spine for added support and a softer material at the front for a smooth wrap. Both the ankle and toe strap is buckled down using Burton’s Double Take Buckles. With a user-friendly insta-click design, adjustments are speedily done within seconds.

Escapade comes with Re:FLEX mounting system which makes it compatible with all sorts of snowboard mountings in the market. You have the option to purchase these in small, medium or large size. There are two color stories available – fade to black or twilight gray.

As a whole, Escapade Women’s bindings are quite comfortable and light in weight. Whatever the terrain or temperature is, you can surely rely on these to give you the best performance!

Burton Genesis EST Mens Bindings

Genesis EST snowboard bindings are an all-rounder and a perfect companion for male snowboarders.

It consists of a dual-component EST baseplate. As the name suggests, this baseplate has two varieties of materials used, one below the foot and the other on the sides of the plate, which keeps the binding soft while maintaining the overall edge-to-edge balance.

This EST construction is all about flex and feel. What enhances the flexibility of Genesis binding is the Living Hinge attached to the baseplate. It not only increases flex but reduces fatigue on your foot and allows you to easily perform jumps even without the aid of a ramp.

It has a Canted Hi-Back made out of nylon composite material which maximizes comfort thanks to its ergonomic design. If you have a more playful and relaxed snowboarding style, then you’ll appreciate the Zero Forward Lean feature on this Hi-back.

Don’t worry; this feature can always be adjusted for a more controlled environment. Its’ two-piece Kickback Hammock allows these bindings to be more responsive and less shaky. You get more control and adjustability with Burton’s MicroFLAD feature. Whether you’re going for some icy hits or random jibbing, this Forward Lean Adjustor System determines your game play.

Like other Burton models, Genesis also has AutoCAD sensoryBED cushioning system that massively reduces fatigue. It keeps your foot in a comfortable position with greater control. This system has B3 gel cushioning which prevents hardening even in coldest temperatures.

Your foot stays secured with multiple buckles and straps on this binding. Your ankle is locked in place with Burton’s Double Take Buckles and a Hammockstrap. An insta-click mechanism on the buckles makes them quite easy to use.

Fewer cranks are needed with its Helical Teeth arrangement and therefore you’re able to secure your foot in no time. Its stitch less Hammockstrap uses minimal materials and comes with light weight padding. For comfortably securing your toe in the binding, Genesis features Supergrip Capstrap 2.0.

This innovative strap is made firm in the skeleton and softer at the top which ensures an overall lightweight paired with higher comfort level. Different materials are used to achieve this kind of design.

This model can be paired with The Channel Mounting System. You can find compatible boot sizes for this binding on Burton’s official website. Generally, you can easily find your perfect matches with their reasonable size range from S to L. Also, you have two color options to choose from – black/chalk or matty black.

All in all, Genesis Snowboard Bindings, with their medium response level, are an extremely comfortable and easy-to-use pair of bindings. These are definitely are must-have!

Burton Malavita Snowboard Bindings

Burton’s Malavita is a pro favorite. It’s made for freestylers who’re looking for a mid-level response from their bindings. Let’s take a look at its unique features.

At the baseplate, there’s a single-component construction made with a combination of nylon composite material. Such a baseplate is quite responsive in any sort of riding environment.

One of the key factors in making this binding comfortable is its Canted Hi-Back. It’s designed in a way so as to replicate the shape of your leg. The Heel Hammock which is attached to this Hi-back is just like a suspension to your foot – offering superb response.

For adjustability, Zero Forward Lean feature is present. This allows for a more fun snowboarding style. You can make precise adjustments with the help of DialFLAD system which comes with a rotating dial.

Its’ AutoCANT FullBed cushioning system has B3 Gel cushioning combined with Dual-Density EVA. This combination allows for a greater control, lesser fatigue as well as a higher resistance to impacts. Additionally, the B3 gel formula helps in maintaining the cushioning at the right temperature even when the weather gets extreme.

Malavita’s ankle and toe strap perfectly wrap around these parts of your foot. The Asym Hammockstrap for the ankle has an asymmetrical pad and a low-profile design.

This is not only long-lasting but it offers excellent response too. Your toe, on the other hand, is secured in place thanks to Supergrip Capstrap 2.0. This fully injected strap has a rubber overmold for enhanced grip.

These straps are further connected to Burton’s Double Take Buckle which offers a speedy engagement with fewer cranks. With this buckle system in place, you are able to adjust your straps with much ease and that too in no time.

This binding has Re:Flex Mounting System that is compatible with all snowboard mounting systems available in today’s market. You have three size options to choose from – small, medium and large. It comes in four different colors – brackish, frost, marble leather and pink/yellow/blue.

Overall, Malavita is a very sturdy pair of bindings which gives a comfy feel to your feet. It’s perfect for a freestyle rider and is one of the highly recommended variants of Burton’s Bindings out there!

Burton Mission Mens Bindings

Made for the serious players out there who do not wish to settle for less, Burton’s Mission bindings are a perfect match, a great blend of comfort with performance. Let’s go through its various parts:

With a single-component baseplate construction, riders are able to experience a consistent response from toe till ankle. Responsiveness is enhanced with 30% short-glass /nylon composite material that is used throughout the plate.

Burton was able to reduce the weight of this baseplate while improving its flex thanks to its Re:FLEX technology. This innovative technology involves a Living Hinge system paired with a minimized baseplate. It has a one-piece Canted Hi-Back which offers quick response.

There’s no extra hardware for adjustments and a canted living hinge is employed for this purpose. Depending upon your riding style, you can easily lean your Hi-back forward or backward with the help of DialFLAD.

A greater FLAD angle means greater control and higher responsiveness. This kind of adjustment is suitable for climbing icy terrains. For more relaxed and freestyle riding, the angle is kept low and Hi-back is maintained in its Zero Forward Lean position.

Mission bindings have a FullBed cushioning system which enhances comfort and keeps your feet stress-free. Your feet perfectly fit in these bindings with the help of Hammockstrap 2.0 which is made for your ankles and the Supergrip Capstrap which is designed specifically for your toes.

The ankle strap has a curved shape, minimized designed for ultra-responsiveness and engineered padding that withstands harsh temperatures. As far as the Toe strap is concerned, it’s a combination of two materials – a stiffer spine and a softer exterior which allows for enhanced comfort and a reliable fit.

These straps are secured with the help of Smooth Glide Buckles. These are known for their reliability in tough situations. You can select the single or the dual component buckle design as per your preference. Each buckle comes with an aluminum lever and a base made out of steel.

These mid-response bindings are compatible with both the Channel and the Re:FLEX mounting systems. Like other Burton bindings, you can pick your size – small, medium or large. The colors available are black, black/grey wing, gray/green and white/black.

To sum it up, Mission Men’s Snowboard bindings are packed with action. The straps are easy to pull and you can get in and out of these bindings in a breezy manner!

Why Choose Burton Bindings for This Season?

If you’ve come this far in the article, then you already have a soft corner for Burton Bindings. You really just need that push to make your final decision as to why you should choose burton bindings for this season. Let us tell you why:

  • Premium Bindings

When we say Premium, we really mean it! These bindings are truly the best of the best. In terms of their performance, longevity and their comfort level, Burton bindings are superior to other brands. Honestly, you get what you pay for and given its price, you can only expect premium quality from Burton.

  • Comfortable and Sturdy

Many a times, finding comfort with strength becomes a difficult task. Fortunately for you, that’s not the case with Burton Bindings. These bindings tend to keep your feet comfortable and free from fatigue, at the same time, giving you the strength and response you need while snowboarding.

  • Environment Friendly

While this might not be an attractive reason to buy burton bindings for some snowboarders, being an environmentally conscious company, Burton tops other careless manufacturers.

What Size Are My Burton Bindings?

Remember that your boots get connected to the snowboard with the help of bindings. They help in converting your energy into movement and therefore, choosing the right size for your burton bindings is of crucial importance.

When deciding what size you should select, there are two things you need to consider – your boot size and the size of your snow board.

Unfortunately, there’s no set standard for the binding size that correspond with a certain boot size. You’ll normally find bindings in small, medium and large size. What’re the actual measurements behind these sizes usually vary from brand to brand.

As far as Burton is concerned, their men and women binding size are widely available and are easy to interpret too.

How to Install Burton Bindings?

Mounting a burton binding on any snowboard is a fairly simple process. Let us explain how you can install your EST bindings on a compatible Channel mounting System.

To begin with, you’ll find rubber stoppers placed on both edges of the channel system. You need to put these aside and place a T-bolt exactly where these stoppers were stuck.

You will then repeat the process with the second T-bolt. Next step is to set the right angle on your binding and align it with these two bolts. Make sure that these bolts are kept at a distance same as the width of your EST binding.

Next, you have to screw down both sides lightly and look for your preferred stance. Once these adjustments are made, you can then tightly screw your binding in the mounting system. In case you have a binding with wholes at the bottom, you are supposed to line these wholes with your channel and then screw them in place. And Viola! Your snowboard is ready to go!


In conclusion, we hope that our round up for best burton snowboard bindings for 2021 was helpful and informative for you. Without any doubt, Burton bindings are strong, light in weight and extremely comfortable – making them the best option for any snowboarding rider out there!

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