Best All Mountain Snowboard 2018-2019 Season (Buyer’s Guides)

best all mountain snowboard 2018-2019 seasonA wide range of snowboards are made available each year by top snowboard manufacturers. Even if you are looking for the best all mountain snowboard, you may have to face a wide range of options to choose from.

To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of top rated all mountain snowboard to have arrived this year.

We have also included a thorough guide to help you choose the exact mountain snowboard that suits your needs and style.

Best All Mountain Snowboard 2018 – 2019 Season

Below are the top 10 all mountain snowboards that we recommended for 2018 – 2019 Season.

PictureProductOur Rating
#1. Gnu 2019 Billy Goat C3 159cm Mens Snowboard5/5
#2. K2 Broadcast Snowboard 2019 - Men's - 159 cm4.5/5
#3. Gnu 2019 Klassy C2 X 151cm Womens Snowboard5/5
#4. Ride Rapture Womens Snowboard4.5/5
#5. Lib-Tech - Mens Attack Banana HP Snowboard 2018, 1534.5/5
#6. Ride Agenda Snowboard4.5/5
#7. Darter Feather Design All Mountain Freestyle Womens Snowboard4/5
#8. Aloha Schubert All Mountain Snowboard, Orange Multi, 64" - 162cm4.5/5
#9. Salomon Pulse Snowboard4.5/5
#10. Camp Seven 2019 Redwood Men's Snowboard4/5

Things to Look When Choose All Mountain Snowboard

1. Women, men, youth

All mountain snowboards come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Broadly, these can be categorized in snowboards meant for men, women and youth. Snowboards for each of these categories come with distinct features.

All mountain snowboards for women are specifically designed to cater to the stature and stance of the women. For this purpose, these snowboards typically feature a width that is smaller than standard men’s snowboards.

Women snowboards also feature a slightly less amount of camber in the construction and usually offer a soft flex. However, for women who are taller and feature a sturdier build, the snowboards in the men’s category may also be an option.

Men’s all-mountain snowboards may be regarded as a category but this category has a huge degree of variety. Typically, men’s snowboards are wider in design, accommodating the larger feet and wider stance of male players.

Men’s snowboards also feature a sturdier camber to account for the additional amount of energy men are able to put into their snowboarding. Most men’s snowboards have a more stiff flex compared to women’s snowboards, so you can expect them to be more responsive.

Men’s snowboards may also be heavier compared to women’s snowboards, which means that a male player may need more amount of energy to wield them when using one.

All-mountain snowboards for youth are also available in the market. These snowboards are specifically designed for the younger players. Younger players can’t use regular snowboards for the adults because they are heavier and over-large for them. So youth snowboards are designed and constructed with the needs of young players in mind.

Typically, youth snowboards are smaller in size and do not weight as much as the snowboards for the adults. Youth snowboards also feature a softer flex. This is meant to ensure that a beginner-level younger players does not take any risky turns with the snowboard at the early stage of the sport.

2. Dimensions


If you are looking for the right all-mountain snowboard, you must know what length will suit you. The right length of the snowboard is determined by a number of factors. These include your height and weight among other things.

Typically, the taller and heavier you are, the longer you want your snowboard to be. A longer board is comparatively more stable than a shorter board although a shorter board is more agile and usually offers more responsiveness. You can use this table to get a standard idea of the right snowboard length for you.


The weight of a snowboard directly affects its performance. Usually, the weight of a snowboard is directly tied to its length, so if you’ve got your snowboard’s length right, you needn’t worry about the weight.

As a general rule, the longer a snowboard is, the more will it weigh. And the more it weighs the more energy you will need to do any carving with it. On the upside, a weightier snowboard is more stable.

A more light-weight snowboard may allow you more aggressive and sharper carving but it requires greater control and isn’t as stable as a heavier snowboard. Shorter snowboards are usually light-weight.


The width of an all-mountain snowboard is an incredibly important factor to consider when buying the snowboard. The right width for you depends entirely on your physical stature and your performance requirements.

Typically, if you have large feet, you should go with a snowboard that is wide. On the other hand, if you have small feet, it might be easier for you to use a narrower snowboard.

It is important to note that the width of a snowboard also affects its performance. A wider board needs more energy if you want to use it for carving. At the same time, it’s more stable. A narrower board offers a more aggressive performance. It is easier to use a narrower snowboard for great carving.

3. Profile and Shape

The profile of a snowboard refers to its shape when seen from the side. It may also refers to how a snowboard lies on the snow. It may either lie on the snow with its entire base resting against the snow if it is a flat snowboard.

Or it may feature a non-flat base in which case it may either be a camber or a rocker. Mostly, snowboards can be categorized into five types based on their profile and shape.

Flat: A flat snowboard simply lies flat on the snow. It has no pronounced edges, which makes it safer to use and more stable compared to most other profiles.

Camber: A camber profile means that the snowboard has two contact points at either end of the board. These contact points at the nose and tail enable the rider to use the board more aggressively while retaining a solid amount of stability.

Rocker: Instead of the contact points as used in the camber, the rocker snowboard uses a contact area at the middle of the snowboard. As a result, the nose and tail of the board are raised above the center. As a result, a rocker snowboard is easier to maneuver and offers great stability. It is perfect for flotation in the powder.

Powder Rocker: Although a standard rocker is well suited for use in the powder, a Powder Rocker is a rocker snowboard specially designed for use in the powder. This type of profile is defined by a more distinct bend in the nose than in the tail, giving the snowboard a sort of S-shaped profile.

Hybrid: Hybrid, as the name suggests, refers to a snowboard which utilizes a mixed profile. Such a snowboard is designed by using a mix of the rocker camber profiles. The hybrid snowboards are available as hybrid flat, hybrid rocker and hybrid camber boards, each offering a great mix of multiple profiles.

4. Flex

The flex of a snowboard refers to how flexible the board it. It is typically measures as a factor from 1 to 10, with 1 for soft and 10 for stiff. Generally, if a snowboard features a softer flex, it is more stable and easier to turn even for beginners.

On the other hand, a stiffer snowboard will readily respond to the movements of the rider and so the rider has to be expert enough to control it right. So as a rule, beginners tend to opt for snowboards with softer flex while more advanced players go with stiffer snowboards.

5. Effective Edge

The effective edge of a snowboard is that part of the board’s edge which is directly in contact with the ground. As a rule of thumb, if a snowboard has a longer effective edge, you can control it more easily although it is harder to maneuver. A snowboard with a smaller effective edge, on the other hand, offers excellent maneuverability but isn’t very stable and doesn’t offer great control at high speeds.

6. Compatibility

When purchasing an all-mountain snowboard, it is critically essential that you choose a board that is well compatible with your riding style and your skill level. If you are a beginner, buying an advanced level snowboard may just be a waste of money. So make sure that you go with a board that is right for you.

For beginners, shorter and softer snowboards are a great choice. These snowboards can be turned easily, offer great stability and have the right amount of flex to let the player control the snowboard well.

As you progress along in your skill and experience as a snowboarder, you can opt for longer, heavier, speedier and stiffer snowboards. At this stage, the decision would depend more on your own taste and preferences.

Top All Mountain Snowboard Brands

Never Summer

Never Summer is one of the rather recent companies in the snowboard manufacturing market. Despite this, the company has been able to garner a stellar reputation in virtually no time.

Based in Colorado, Never Summer has release one excellent snowboard after another so that within a very brief time, the company has loyal cult following and a reputation that goes worldwide.

Never Summer snowboards are known for exceptional performance, versatility which enables them for use on various terrains and innovative features. All-mountain snowboards from Never Summer feature exceptional performance and a whole array of latest technological advancements.

For this reason, Never Summer’s all-mountain snowboards are dearly beloved by a large number of snowboarding enthusiasts and professionals all over the world.


Jones is another well-recognized brand in the snowboard manufacturing market. The company’s all-mountain snowboards offer an excellent balance of stability and performance. The most notable among the company’s offerings is the Jones Flagship line-up.

Each year, the new Flagship model improves upon the last and strives for the perfection in directional performance for which the company’s boards are known.

With a focus on using top-quality wood materials in the construction of its snowboards, Jones has been able to bring a lot of authentic innovation to the snowboard manufacturing market.


Arbor is known as the company that launches the best all-mountain snowboards each year. In fact, it can well be said that although Arbor manufacturers different kinds of snowboards, the all-mountain niche is its field of expertise.

Arbor all-mountain snowboards are affordable, offer a solid performance and are manufactured using an eco-friendly design.

The all-mountain models offered by Arbor are truly suited for all the terrains. These snowboards are well suited for the mountain slopes, powder country, the park and the pipes, offering a good degree of performance on each terrain type.

Another notable thing about the Arbor all-mountain models is that compared to many high-end snowboard brands, these are incredibly affordable.


Burton is one of the most reputed snowboard manufacturers. The company has been around for a long time and has established itself as a brand of top-quality snowboarding equipment. Over the years, a number of top snowboard professionals have chosen Burton snowboards as their boards of choice, lending credence to the company’s claim that it offers only the best snowboards.

When it comes to all-mountain snowboards, Burton is known for bringing an exceptional amount of innovation and research to the table.

The company diligently works on its all-mountain snowboards each year and with its new releases, pushes the limits of performance.

Burton all-mountain snowboards typically feature an excellent design, great control and stability, and the ability to garner maximum performance on a variety of terrains. For this reason, Burton all-mountain snowboards are one of the best on the market.

Top Rated All Mountain Snowboard 2017

Jones Snowboards Project X Snowboard

The Jones Project X Snowboard is one of the best all-mountain snowboards to have hit the snowboard market this year. This snowboard is specifically designed to offer an excellent balance between pop, control and stability.

Featuring a camber profile, the shape of the snowboard is that that it offers an exceptional degree of control and an unbelievable edge response. The Project X snowboard has been constructed from multiple layers of Fusion Tech epoxy and TeXtreme Carbon, giving it an incredibly sturdy yet feather-light build.

The design of the snowboard features a base that is beveled up one degree at the edges and a camber radius that gradually becomes flat towards the edges. At the base, Jones has used special contours to ensure that the nose and tail bevels are perfectly balanced.

By creatively utilizing wood and carbon fiber materials through the body of this snowboard, Jones makes the most of both to create a stunningly top-performing snowboard.

At the heart of this board lies a triple-density wood core which works with the carbon fiber exterior and the cutting-edge design to offer an unparalleled all-mountain performance. The Project X snowboard is 158 cm in length and comes with a flex factor of 10. Featuring a jet black outlook, this snowboard is certainly an excellent option if you are looking for an all-mountain board.

Never Summer Aura Women’s Snowboard 2017

The Never Summer Aura Women’s snowboard is an exclusively women-specific board which is one of the best options for female snowboarders this year. This all-mountain snowboard offers the right precision, speed, control and balance to let you weave elegantly through an all-mountain terrain with ease.

The construction of this board utilizes the special Ripsaw Rocker Camber, utilizing an extra amount of camber in the binding inserts in order to give the snowboard a sturdier built and exceptional stability. The additional camber radiating towards the nose and tail of the snowboard also ensures that the board is more responsive without losing any of its stability.

In the construction of this high-performing women’s snowboard, Never has made use of a Superlight Wood Core. This core, utilizing specially-designed wood material, comes with a very light-weight profile and yet an unbelievable amount of durability.

On top of this core, a Carbonium topsheet and Carbon VXR lamination has been used to add the right amount of stiffness and a great finish to the snowboard. Never has also used the RDS 2 Damping System in the construction of the board to ensure that you get to feel minimum vibrations in the board when riding at high speeds.

Arbor WestMark Rocker Snowboard Mens

The Arbor WestMark Rocker snowboard is one of the best snowboards this year. Arbor is known for launching a range of top-performing snowboards every year and this year, the company has lived up to this reputation by launching the WestMark snowboard.

The great thing about the WestMark snowboard is that it is available in Camber System as well as in Rocker System. If you want to get a snowboard that offers a perfectly natural float, go with the Rocker version of the WestMark snowboard.

The design of this snowboard features flathead tips and a high-quality single malt core. The construction of the snowboard also features biax glassing and a sintered base. The WestMark Rocker board offers medium -soft flex.

One of the most stand-out features of this snowboard is that it comes with a perfect balance of flex, responsiveness, stability and pop. And it is precisely this great balance which makes this snowboard an all-mountain board which can also be used for great park performances.

This snowboard also features 2 x 4 14-pack inserts and is available in lengths ranging from 149 cm to 158 cm.

Never Summer 2017 Funslinger Snowboard

The Never Summer 2017 Funslinger snowboard is another top choice for serious snowboarders this year. This all-mountain snowboard comes with an excellent build which offers an incredibly smooth riding experience.

The profile of this snowboard features a Ripsaw Rocker Camber which makes this snowboard highly responsive and gives you great control over it when riding at high speeds. The snowboard features a soft flex and the camber zones on it ensure that it delivers an exceptional amount of degree while at the same time offering improved edge hold.

Such a design also ensures that this snowboard performs equally well all over the mountain as well as in the park and on the rails. To add stability to the snowboard, Never has used the Vario Power Grip in the design. This special grip design makes use of more than one radii to ensure that the Funslinger has additional contact points for stable snowboarding on icy terrains.

The snowboard also features a Freestyle Damping System which significantly reduces vibrations in the snowboard when you are using it at high speeds. As a result, you get to experience a snappy and yet smooth ride when using the Funslinger. The snowboard is available in lengths ranging from 146 cm to 159 cm and features a colorful summer-themed fun look which is sure to rock your style.

Burton Deja Vu Smalls Snowboard Girls’

The Burton Déjà vu Smalls snowboard is meant for young girls who have already grasped the basics of snowboarding and now seek to take their game to the next level. The Déjà vu snowboard is designed precisely to help such players reach the intermediate level.

The Déjà vu board features camber construction and comes with Flat Top. This ensures that you get to enjoy comfort, stability and good responsiveness when using this board.

At the same time, the board is designed to give it a more catch-free feel so that you can literally feel it floating across the terrain. The board features a super soft flex which, when coupled with a solid amount of stability, makes this the perfect board for all-mountain snowboarding. The Burton Déjà vu board is available in length options of 125cm, 130cm, 134cm and 138cm.


An all-mountain snowboard should be well suited for riding across all parts of a mountain, whether it be the park and pipes, or the slopes and the powder. To this end, an all-mountain snowboard should offer a good balance between maneuverability, stability, responsiveness and agility.

Our brief guide above will point you in the right direction in your bid to find the best all mountain snowboard this year. More importantly, you should know your own style and needs in order to narrow down the choice to the one snowboard that is right for you.

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