Hi, My name is Roger.

The first i would like to say thank you for the visit my site.

You know, Sports and Outdoors in general and Snowboarding in particular are my passion, it all my life with my wife and my son of course :).

Why i made this site?

My daily I received a lot of email from friends, familiar ones in my life as well as on the facebook. Their questions often revolve around the topics:

How to choose the best equipment for snowboarding ( snowboard, bindings, boot…) ?

How to enjoy snowboarding ?

How to play for beginner ?

The best place for snowboarding ?

The questions related about other sports like softball, baseball…


Of course, I answered all the questions that, over time, there are so many similar questions, and repeated several times. This made me time-consuming.

So, I decided to create this website to share knowledge and my experience of snowboarding and other sports.

So whenever you want to looking for the advice and review of the snowboarding or other interests . Please visit here. I will not be disappoint you, promise.

Helping people looking for the best ones is my mission and passion.

Thank you for visiting my site, again.