Best Winter Boots for College Students 2020-2021 | Top 5 Boots

If you are considering getting a pair of winter boots, it is important to get your choice right. These are virtually an endless variety of winter boots available online and in stores. If you are on the hunt for best winter boots for college students, price is very probably a key concern for you.

At the same time, you want boots that will fit in with your needs and go along decently with the many occasions of the college life.

We have shortlisted these boots by keeping in view all of these vital considerations. With this list, you are sure to find a pair that will fit your requirements just right.

Best winter boots for college students

Best Winter Boots for College Students 2020 – 2021

ProductOur Rating
#1. Columbia Women's Wheatleigh Shorty Snow Boot5/5
#2. Men's Black Leather Dress Casual Chukka Boot4.9/5
#3. Kuhxz Women Winter College Student Snow Boots Shoes4.8/5
#4. Women's Winter Round Toe Side Zipper College Student Shoes4.7/5
#5. Kamiye Women Boots Thicken Warm Winter Snow Boots4.6/5

#1. Columbia Women’s Wheatleigh Shorty Snow Boot

One of the best winter boots for college students this year are the Wheatleigh Shorty boots from Columbia. These waterproof boots come constructed from high-quality textile fabric. Featuring a rubber sole, they come with a comfortable feel while also delivering a solid performance.

For the upper, Columbia has used a combination of textile and waterproof suede material. This combination ensures that the upper is also breathable to make sure your feet stay dry and well-ventilated while you wear these boots. In the midsole, lightweight construction ensures that you get to enjoy optimal cushioning.

The shaft of these boots measures ankle-high. The ankles feature a quilted design for an elegant yet stylish outlook. A traction rubber outsole makes it possible for you to use these boots year-round, both indoors and outdoors.

#2. Men’s Black Leather Dress Casual Chukka Boot

If you are looking for the perfect Oxford boots for the more formal occasions during your college life, these shoes are for you. Constructed from soft leather, these shoes offer both the looks and comfort that you need.

These boots feature a timelessly classic Oxford style along with lace up detail and special stitched seams. This also adds a modern and chic touch to these boots making them equally great for informal occasions such as travel. The versatile build of these shoes also means that you can pair them up with a variety of costumes.

The overall design of these boots is such that it encourages moisture-wicking, keeping your feet dry while you wear them. The rubber sole also ensures that these shoes are comfortable, shock-absorbing and able to resistant slippage on even surfaces.

#3. Kuhxz Women Winter College Student Snow Boots Shoes

If style and looks are your primary concern, these winter boots with retro slip are the perfect option for you. They combine a great degree of comfort with a fashion sense that is sure to turn heads.

These boots feature a flock upper for a soft and comfortable feel. For the sole, rubber has been used to prevent slippage and add cushioning. The overall design of these boots focuses on the comfort of the wearer. As a result, you will experience a great degree of comfort on your joints and knees when wearing these boots.

The Kuhxz boots also come with medium heels which only add to the fashion appeal of this product. The boots have a contemporary round toe design. They come with a slip-on closure so that you can get these on quickly and easily.

These boots are suitable for a variety of occasions and uses. You can put them to good use at parties, on outdoor walks, work events, party moments and more. They can likewise be paired with a great range of costumes.

#4. Women’s Winter Round Toe Side Zipper College Student Shoes

One of the more stylish winter boots for college students are these Round Toe Side boots. These boots come with a look and feel that truly stands them apart from many other offerings.

One of the best things about these boots is that they are incredibly versatile. You can wear them for casual occasions, parties, dinner outings, weddings or even as a guest on a wedding. The toned-down elegance and a classic finish makes these boots great for both casual and formal occasions.

A slight heel at the rear provides you a decent height advantage while also offering a good cushioning for your feet. At the front, a zipper to the side adds a signature look and touch to these boots, giving them a very premium feel. Going all the way over the knees but ending just there, these boots offer knee protection without looking too much like a long shoe.

#5. Kamiye Women Boots Thicken Warm Winter Snow Boots

If you are looking for a pair of winter boots that will keep you warm while contributing to your fashion looks at the same time, these boots will do the job fine. The Thicken Warm Winter Snow Boots from Kamiye are one of the more eye-popping options on our list of winter boots for college students.

These boots round toe design with ankle-high structure and high heels. The high heels are made possible with a thicker sole which gives a very wintry and sturdy feel to these shoes without marring the fashion sense. The high shaft covers the ankles quite well and has a stylish buckle on the ankle area. The buckle offers an extra closure option while touching up the shiny elegance of the boots at the same time.

The extra-thick rubber sole at the bottom of these boots doubles as an excellent cushioning layer. This makes these boots more comfortable to wear and use.

Given their solid structured looks, shiny finish and lace-up closure, these boots are perfect for both formal and informal occasions. You can wear them to your parties, semi-formal events, fun gatherings and outings. These boots can also work as great travel companions given their sturdy construction. You can choose from multiple size options when picking these boots.

Winter boots consideration

When looking for winter boots, it is important to take into consideration a number of vital factors. Here’s a look at these.

Warmth: If they are called winter boots, they must offer a decent degree of warmth. You can verify this by simply trying them on. The snugness and heat you feel while wearing them will give you a fair idea of whether or not the boots will keep you warm in the winters. You will probably be wearing these boots outdoors during winters, so make sure they keep you warm.

Ankle Support: This is linked to the warmth offered by winter boots. Ankle support, in addition to offering a better degree of warmth, also reinforces the ankle joints, prevents them from stress and makes for a more comfortable wearing experience all over. If you have a choice between winter boots with ankle support and those without, go with the ones that cover the ankle as well.

Moisture-Control: Many winter boots come with moisture-wicking properties. But then, many don’t. Moisture-wicking ensures that your feet stay dry while you wear the boots. It is particularly helpful as sweaty feet can be as much of a winter problem as it is a summer issue. For instance, if you take a walk through the snow while wearing the boots, they are going to get wet. Moisture-control will help you wear the boots with ease throughout the season.

Grip: The degree of grip offered by a pair of winter boots is important. This is especially so because you will probably be using these boots in snowy and wet conditions a lot. So a pair of boots that has a solid grip and can keep you stable is preferable to one that may be prone to slippage.

Quality and Durability: Finally, it is important to look for winter boots that are durable and sturdy. Winter climate can range from mild to harsh – so your winter boots will be going through a fair deal of rough-and-tough use. If they are durably constructed, they may become damaged fairly soon and begin to unravel. You can avoid this by putting some research and effort into your purchase. Look closely at the quality of workmanship, the materials used in construction and the overall design. It is often possible to discern durable boots from the flimsy ones by holding them or wearing them briefly.

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