Best Snowboard Bibs for 2022 2023 – The 5 Best for Snowboarding or Skiing

the best snowboard bibs 2020

Here are the five best snowboard bibs for 2023 that provide extra protection from snowy weather so that you can have the most comfortable snowboard experience. Find out the best features of each bib so you know which one is right for you.

The snowboard bibs are just like any other protective garment and protect against the harshness of the weather that is usually faced by the snowboarders.

Here are the top rated snowboard bibs for 2023 along with the guide to how to choose them and why you should go for them.

Best Snowboard Bibs 2023

Snowboard Bibs Reviews

#1. Burton AK 3L GORE-TEX Freebird Bib – Best Mens Snowboard Bibs

  • Stretch Nylon 30D
  • Adjustable Velcro Suspenders
  • Zippered pockets
  • Exterior Thigh Vents

First up we have the Burton Freebird which is a top of the line snowboard bib that keeps you warm even in sub-zero temperatures. The fabric is a stretch nylon 30D material that is strengthened with a 78D weave of the same material. The 78D is tougher and blocks out moisture keeping you nice and dry.

The GORE-TEX 3L membrane also keeps you dry and comfortable. The membrane is completely waterproof yet breathable so that you can roll around in the snow all day without moisture seeping into your inner clothes.

The suspenders have Velcro straps which can be adjusted according to body type. The Burton bib also has zippered pockets. The front pockets also have a media port so that you can plug in your headphones.

The snowboard bib also has hand warmer pockets so that your hands do not go numb from the cold. Keeping your hands protected at all times is important so that you do not lose your grip over your walking stick as you trek up a mountain slope.

Finally, the pants have exterior thigh vents so that body heat does not build up and you remain comfortable.

#2. Marmot Smokes Run Bibs – Best Budget Snowboard Bibs

  • 100% Nylon fabric
  • 3L GORE-TEX Pro
  • Athletic Fit
  • Water-resistant Hand warmer Pockets
  • 100% Seam-taped

Next up, we have the Marmot Smoke Run Bib that is made from 100% pure, high-quality nylon fabric. It has an outer membrane made from 3L GORE-TEX Pro which is a waterproof layer that keeps you protected from hail and snow.

The pockets are also water-proof with zero room for any seepage. They act as hand warmers keeping your mitts nice and toasty.

The Marmot snowboard bib is fully taped at the seams keeping you safe from biting winds. They are so tightly sealed there is no way you can catch the chill in these overalls.

The fit of these overalls is athletic so they are more suited to slimmer body types. It is fitted at the waist and knees for a snug feel. The bib also has internal gaiters which can be tightened to stop snow getting into the suit.

#3. Patagonia Snowdrifter Bibs

  • 100% Polyester fabric
  • 3L H₂No Membrane
  • Three Zippered pockets
  • Drop seat vent
  • Boot Gaiters

Moving on, let’s talk about the Patagonia snowboard bib which is made from pure polyester fabric. The material is stretchable but rip-proof. It also has a water repellant finish to keep out seeping moisture. The upper bib is made with a combination of polyester and spandex so that it fits snugly across the chest.

A 3L H₂No Membrane protects against wind and water but the material is still lightweight and breathable. The Patagonia bib also has three zippered pockets, one placed on the bib and two cargo pockets on the sides.

Plus, the suit has a drop seat vent that regulates body heat and helps you shed any excess heat buildup. A two way-zipper is conveniently placed on the drop vent for continual ventilation.

Finally, the bib has an additional element called boot gaiters. The gaiters can be tied above the boots to stop snow getting into the pant legs. This is an extremely useful feature that is not found in other suits. So, keep your eye out for the Patagonia bib when shopping for snowboard bib suits.

#4. DC Shadow Bibs

  • Weather Defense 15k Membrane
  • Mesh Lining
  • Elastic Suspenders with Buckles
  • Stretch Side Body Panel
  • Large Cargo pockets

Now let’s talk about the DC Shadow bib which is made of two layers of high-grade polyester. This snowboard bib is the ideal choice for people who love spending all day outdoors skiing, snowboarding and trekking.

The reason DC bibs are so useful is because they have a 15k membrane that keeps out moisture so that the chill does not seep into your bones. If you want to enjoy your time in the snow in a responsible manner, then get your hands on the DC bib as soon as possible. To make sure the snow board bib is completely water-proof a mesh lining is also stitched into the inner fabric.

The bib also has a pair of elastic suspenders with adjustable buckles so you can tighten or loosen the straps accordingly. The side body panels are stretchable and quite durable. The suit also has large cargo pockets on the side which can be used to carry essential items such as flashlights.

#5. Rojo Outerwear Snow Day Bibs – Women’s – Best Womens Snowboard Bibs

  • DWR treated fabric
  • Water-proof membrane
  • Synthetic Insulation layer
  • Nylon lining
  • Hand Warmer Pockets

Finally, we have a snowboard bib on this list that is made exclusively for women. Ladies, if you are reading this you are in luck because the Rojo Outerwear bib has several amazing features. First of all, the fabric is DWR treated which means that it is completely water-proof. The membrane is also water-proof but it is still breathable.

But the one thing this bib has that others don’t is a synthetic insulation layer with nylon lining. The extra insulation keeps you warm in absolutely freezing temperatures so that you can snowboard without worrying about the cold.

Additionally, the Rojo bib has hand warmer pockets that keep your hands safe and warm throughout the day.

Best Snowboard Bibs 2021

Volcom Men’s Rain GTX Bib Snow Overall Pant

Made from 100% Nylon, this Rain GTX bib is made to withstand all kinds of the harshness that a cold-weather brings.

When it comes to the waterproof features, this bib has the best breathable quality and allows you to remain wet throughout your whole outside experience. Other than that, this bib has the zipper closure that doesn’t allow any snow to enter your pants.

To improve the pant’s functionality even further, it comes with different pockets that can keep your things secure. The seams are fully taped so no chilly wind can make you feel cold at all. It is designed to give you the perfect fit. The zip tech pant to jacket interface further makes this bib everyone’s favorite.

Available in different sizes of small to XX-Large and variety of colors, this bib is pretty great to keep the cold away and make you highly movable in the chilling snow.

Burton Women’s Avalon Bib Pant

Beautifully designed while keeping in mind the needs of style in women, this Burton bib pant is made fully functional yet fashionable.

This Burton bib pant has the hook and loop closure and made with 100% other fibers. It has a slim fit design that keeps it close to the body. It features a dry ride two-layered fabric that is not only waterproof but also makes it highly breathable. The outstanding weather protection makes it perfect for extreme snowboarding conditions.

It is pretty easy to wear it or remove it because of the zippered drop-seat construction. Also, it has a stretch paneling at the middle of the back that makes movement easy but also keeps the snow away. To provide extra room to keep things, it has a chest pocket that keeps everything safe and near the reach like phone, keys, etc. and the zipper on top keeps them all safe. Chest pocket also has a media port.

Other amazing features are thigh vents to prevent overheating, microfleece-lined pockets to keep your hands warm, and fully taped seams to lock the elements away. It comes in various sizes and colors to suit everyone’s needs.

DC Revival Bib Snowboard Pants Mens

With breathable and stretchable features, this snowboard bib pant has one of the best fabrics to keep the snow and cold away.

Made from 100% polyester oxford, these snowboard pants are highly breathable. Because of the special protective fabric, the body heat doesn’t trap inside and also the microscopic pores keep the layers dry inside by allowing the perspiration to escape.

They use weather defense technology to make their garments waterproof. These bib pants are resistant to rain, wind, and snow but also breathable. It has the mesh lining with brushed tricot on the knees and fully taped seams.

With other features, it has the elastic suspenders that have flexible buckles. The jacket to pant attachment system makes it more functional along with internal waist adjustment. Overall, it is one great snowboard pants to enjoy the chilly weather.

DC APPAREL Women’s Collective Snow Ski Bib Pant

Stylish, functional, and breathable, this bib pant has every feature that makes it stands out of all the women’s bib pant in the market.

Fulfilling all the fashion demands, this bib pant is made from 100% polyester with the zipper closure that makes it easy to wear and remove it. The water, snow, and the harshness of weather remain away with this bib pant. The waterproofing is 15, 000 mm/ 10, 000 gram.

The elastic suspenders have flexible buckles which make it easy to move and work. The snowboarding is never that much fun with fashion before this bib pant. All in all, this women’s bib pant is available in cool colors of denim light blue and bio wash black with the sizes starting from x-small to x-large.

Why use Bib Pants for Snowboarding or Skiing

If you are searching for something that can protect your back from the snow and the front from the heavy winds, then going for the bibs is a good option. Bib pants are made from special material to keep you warm and dry when you play your favorite sports.

The bib pants are heavier because of the protective feature they have to serve but they worth it. Bib pants don’t allow wind or snow to enter your jacket or pants and keep your waist region covered.

When there is a lot of crashing in the snow, the bibs are the perfect clothing to not to allow the snow to enter your underneath clothes. They are usually well insulated and come with the venting space as well.

They are designed in a way that you can increase or decrease venting as per your need, so when you feel heated, you can release some heat.

Other than these benefits, the bib pants also have a great storage space than the regular warm pants. The pockets usually have the zipper to keep the belongings safe inside no matter how many times you toss and turn. Also, they improve your ability to move.

How to Choose Snowboard Bibs

When choosing the best snowboard bibs, there are so many factors to look for. Here are the tips that can help you to make the right decision when buying the snowboard bibs


The top reason to select the snowboard pants is because of the waterproofing features. The waterproof rating for the bib pants is usually from 5,000 to 20,000 mm.

The greater number means the fabric is much resistant. Some fabrics are highly water-resistant and don’t require any rating like Gore-Tex. Also, seam tapping is another option to look for as a fully taped seam will keep the water away. The softshell materials are more waterproof than hardshell.


The warmth of the pants is another factor to look for. Mostly, uninsulated pants have a shell with the special lining that provides enhanced comfort and warmth.

The layer beneath this pant depends on the person who is wearing it. Some people feel colder than others and wear different layers of clothes underneath. The unlined pants are also available that are made for skiing especially.

These pants are also warm but the reason to make them unlined is to lower the extra weight that makes them light.

There are also insulated pants that offer synthetic insulation plus provide the needed warmth. They might feel cold at the start but suddenly start to feel warm when you walk.


The snowboard bibs have to keep you warm, but trapping a lot of heat inside many times make it unbearable to wear the pant. For this purpose, there are zippered vents in the pants that can be opened or closed as per the need of the wearer.

With these vents, it becomes easy to promote the circulation of the air whenever needed. In many pants, these vents are located on the inseam of the inner thigh with the mesh lining to keep the snow away even when venting. On the other hand, some pants have zip vent along the outer or across the front seam.

In different and more technical pants, full-length side zippers are also present. These pants not only offer ventilation but also easy to remove or wear without wearing boots.

Pants-Jacket Connection

Some bib pants have a connection between a jacket and pants. This connection doesn’t allow the cold wind and snow to enter the jacket from below and pants from above. Those people who want to go in deep snow usually look for the bib pants with this special feature.


The bib pants come with different pockets and styles. Some just have the side pockets to warm your hands, while others may have chest or thigh pockets to keep your belongings like keys, cards, or phone.

If you go with your backpack in the snow, then it’s not a problem for you. But where carrying weight with you is troublesome, you must look for the pockets that you need. Pockets come handy in carrying your snacks too.

Reinforced Cuff

The snowboard and ski pants many times have reinforced cuffs. Their fabric is extra tough that increases the durability and prevents tearing of the pants.


There are different styles to choose from. The style factor is the matter of your own choice and how you like it. Bib pants are available in slim, loose, and regular fit and which one to go for is also up to you. Everyone knows which style do they want so there’s no way that you will go for the wrong style and fit.


The snowboard bibs discussed above are ideal for a day of intensive snowboarding because their water-proof fabric keeps you safe and warm the whole time. So keep an eye out for these bibs whenever you decide to purchase one for yourself.

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